Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Randomness in Me

I. Before: Ms. Busy Bee; Now: Ms. Bum

I've been a little busy these past few days, I MISS BEING A BUSY BEE! I couldn't understand why, maybe I got used to it since I started working a month after I graduated and wasn't able to experience being a BUM. Being a BUM was not fun at all, I had to really look at the foods I choose to eat so I would not gain much weight. Everyday there's this paranoia that I would always gain weight everytime I eat, even if my friends would tell me, 'do you still eat?' Anyway, enough for the eating topic. 

II. Driving School

Driving school was over for me. Yesterday was my 5th day. Now, my goal was to familiarize myself with our van, geez, I was left with our van, I felt nervous last Sunday when I drove it at Macapagal. I wasn't nervous for myself, I was thinking of our van, if I would hit it elsewhere my dad would get mad at me. 

I was reminded again while driving, I saw QR's plane while I was on the road. I saw it twice, on two consecutive days, at first, I didn't know it was QR because I was not able to had a glimpse of the whole plane but on the second day, I realized it was QR. It made me smile of course. 

III. Back Pay
 Up to now, I haven't called our HR yet to follow up on our back pay! Gawd, it's been a month since our resignation took effect and our back pay's not yet in our account.  I could not keep myself from feeling bad about this. This was like a process to be finished in a decade! 

IV. TO Do's

In preparation for my applications this week, I could say, I'm almost done! :) a) I had my resumes printed already! I asked mom to buy me a black cartridge so I could already print my resumes; b)  I already had my photos taken this afternoon; c) I already went to my dentist last Monday for oral propylaxis. Thank goodness I was an early bird because when I went out of the room, I saw several patients on the waiting area. ; d) It wasn't my plan to go to my dermatologist for a facial treatment, but I had zits on my forehead (wrong timing!); e) I would be at NBI (here in Cavite) tomorrow. I asked my cousin to accompany me there so I wouldn't be taking so long just to get a clearance. I already had one last year but I didn't know what popped into my head that I submitted my personal copy to BPI. A lesson learned! I know I should had it photocopied! Now, I know my lessons. 

V. Wednesday - Baclaran Day
 This was my thing every Wednesday. Ms. Bum (that's me) wanted to complete the 9 Wednesdays and even if I was done with that, I would still go there if my future Wednesdays would be a free time for me. I went to Baclaran Church this morning. I was in a hurry again, I didn't want to be late because I wanted also to get a seat. I thought I would be on time, yes I was, but I didn't get to seat on the pew. I got stucked in traffic along Roxas Boulevard while standing on the bus! Nevertheless, I was thankful that I got to attend the novena :)

S - Singles

V - Valentines
D - Day

I received a message from my friend Bryan inviting for another get together on Valentines Day (if we would not have any commitments)  I was excited even if I knew that VDAY would still be a few weeks from now. I hope it would push through! Heaven and Earth knew I wouldn't have a date on that day! :)) I've been single for 7 years now and counting, and.,I wouldn't mind at all. It was not my priority though.

VII. The Birthday

My friend just celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday! And, speaking of birthdays, "K" would be celebrating his birthday next week. I wanted to greet him but a part of me whispered I should not. Ayoko lang isiksik ang sarili ko, and I think, that was it. My greeting would not matter at all  (okay, EMO. :P )


VIII. Goodluck!

The QR OD in Cebu would be this weekend! Goodluck for those who would try! Share your stories! I would love to know them :)


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caz on 10:34 PM said...

Curious lang ako, san derma mo? My pic yung grandson ng boss ko with QR FAs. naalala kita.

jO_anne on 4:27 PM said...

Hi zoe! Sa Montage Skin Science. :)
Talaga? Wow :) Sana nga maging FA na rin ako.

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