Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday :)

Back after 3 days! I missed blogging because I was not feeling well for the past 2 days that I ended up just checking my facebook account, reading blogs and then watching television

These are the things I did/accomplished for the past three days:


1. As mentioned in my previous entry, I arranged my new stuff (make ups) in my kit. I transferred all my lipsticks, lip brush, lip balm, and the petroleum jelly on my old make up kit and put all the new stuff on my hello kitty small case that my mom bought for me a few days after Christmas.

2. Accompanied my mom at Robinsons place and did the groceries with her. I also went to Tronix to have some pictures printed, one of which was my mission/vision board. It was my first time to make one although it was not my first time to write down all the things I want to achieve for the year. It was only now that I decided to make one and had it printed to make me feel more inspired and determined to reach for my goals since for the past years, I just wrote down all my goals and insert it in one of the books where I gain strength and confidence.

3. In relation to number 2, I arranged the newly printed photos in my room. I put the 2 photos at my headboard and the other one near the mirror of my closet together with some other pictures.


1. I surfed the net to check the contact numbers of 2 driving schools here in Cavite, namely, A1 and Roadmaster. I also checked the course's fee for beginners. Mom decided to enroll me at a driving school while I don't have work yet and it's a good thing for me too, at least, I could have an activity I could be serious on while I was unemployed. Besides, I wanted to drive on my own so I could go anywhere! Kidding aside :)

2. A friend and I agreed to fix our Civil Service Certification. She graduated March 2008 and I, on October 2008, but we never tried going the Civil Service Commission and get our certificates. I've thought of it after I graduated and I even requested for a copy of a required certificate but I didn't try going to CSC because I wasn't decided yet if I'd be trying in any government office and so I never had a time for it when BPI hired a month after. Now, we decided to take that one privilege we had - being exempted and already eligible for the Certificate. Since my friend's cousin was working at the CSC office in Albay, we were able to know the needed requirements and there were a lot! But I promise to have time to complete the needed documents/requirements while I still don't have work.


1. Went to Baclaran to attend the mass and novena. It was the first Wednesday of the month, so I went with mom since she was attending the novena/benediction/mass only during the first Wednesday of every month. I attend the novena every Wednesday whenever I was just at home and nothing to do, like these days, since I already resigned from work. I expected the church to be "jampacked" since the first Wednesday meant more devotees unlike the succeeding Wednesdays of the month. It was really hot inside the church and since we arrived past 11:30 am, still early for the 12 noon mass. the sun was shining through, the rays seemed to burn our skins, but I was prepared :)

2. Mom and I went to moa to eat lunch and buy some stuff which my brothers needed for school. I bought a dance work out dvd! hahaha! I guess I was already paranoid and thought I gained weight during the holidays and so this would be the time to start working out the flabs!

3. At home, I played the work out vcd and tried following the steps, it was a sweating video! hahaha. I think
it would be helpful, I was hoping I could trim down my weight again! :)

4. I asked my cousin to request for my Birth Certificate and Cenomar.

Now, I think I had to end this post because I'd be watching tv now, Shining Inheritance would end this Friday
and I couldn't afford to miss the last few episodes, haha, call me "jologs" if you want I don't care, haha,:P
Good night everyone! :D

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Vinch on 9:37 PM said...

GO Joanne learn how to drive, you'll be our new driver when the current driver leaves HAHAHA

Dave Cordero on 6:45 AM said...

Oh My Goshhh! You're learning how to drive?! wow! in fairness to you girl! hahaha.

jO_anne on 8:40 AM said...

@Vinch: hahahaha. sige! medyo malaki naman yung sasakyan namin marami ang kasya! hahaha :)) sana ienroll na ko ni mama next week!

jO_anne on 8:45 AM said...

@Dave: oo nga sister, sana ienroll na ako haha para naman hindi lang ako palagi dito sa bahay :P

Vinch on 12:39 AM said...

Oh yeah Joanne, text me which driving school ka nag-aaral. Haha might want to enroll too before i start working.

jO_anne on 11:25 AM said...

okay! I'll text you. I'm going there later after lunch! :)

Dave Cordero on 5:10 AM said...

ibang level ka na talaga girl! go go go :)

jO_anne on 6:44 PM said...

bakit? haha :)
Enjoy pala matutong magdrive! LOL! Late na hahaha.

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