Sunday, January 31, 2010

Get Together on a Saturday

I am no longer connected with my then employer since December 17, 2009, despite that, I had a continuous communication with my former officemates who became my friends as well. After almost 2 months of not seeing each other, we planned a get together and it pursued!

We decided to meet at Glorietta Activity Center by 11 am, but all of us couldn't make it by that time, so it was moved an hour later. All of us were really excited! It was the first meeting after we resigned. What added to my excitement was the videoke thing we wanted to include on our get together! I really like doing it, I love singing! Thanks to Lars for bringing up the idea of going to Music 21.

We were almost complete by 12 noon. We were thinking where we should eat. The majority resigned already (I mean, we don't have a source of income now, so we need to save and budget whatever amount of money we have now) , so, instead of dining at an expensive restaurant, we had three fast food chains in mind: KFC, Jollibee and Mc Donalds. It would never be a bad idea eating at Mc Donalds, and we were standing in front of it, so we decided to had our lunch there while waiting for 2 more people (who, were still with the company).  I ordered spaghetti and oreo hot fudge layered twist. I totally forgot about my diet yesterday! 

Just like my get together with my high school friends, my former officemates and I had a trip down memory lane. We did reminisce about that one year we had at our previous company. After that, we decided to walk around, but we didn't know where we're heading. We were waiting for the clock to strike at 3 pm because it's the start of HAPPY HOUR at Music 21, located at Jupiter. We didn't know where to ride the jeepney going to Makati Avenue. We couldn't hail a cab because it couldn't accommodate us, 6; so we decided to WALK, yes, emphasize on the WALK from Glorietta to Music 21. It was a long walk, but I didn't get tired at all. Honestly, I enjoyed it. At least, the calories I gained would be burned. 

My friends and I were able to walk at Ayala Gardens, it's located behind Makati Stock Exchange. It wasn't there yet when I was still taking calls at  Paseo. The place then was surrounded by trees. I was a little surprised when I saw it yesterday. I felt like I had been away from Makati for so long now. AYALA GARDENS, in all fairness was really nice. If you want to have a little photoshoot, I would suggest that place. Go there on a weekend. Here were some of our photos taken there: 

they didn't know I took this ;) 

Obviously, I took this photo

the ex phonebankers 

standing still for these 2 girls :)

We were right on time. We were at Music 21 by 3 pm. We sang as many songs as we could from 3 - 6 pm. It was my first time to sing with my former officemates! :) By the way, during this time frame or also known as the 'HAPPY HOUR' the videoke rate would be 42 pesos, per hour, per head, and 50% for the drinks. We really had a good time at Music 21. A good place to enjoy for a get together, and a stress reliever as well. 

We got this ad inside:

Of all jobs, they gave emphasis for the Call Center Industry. I guess, it's because there were a lot of call centers in Makati. I was once part of it, phone bankers were part of this industry too. 

Here were some of our photos at Music 21: 

unlike the usual videoke found at malls, they
had this remote control like thing you would
use in choosing songs
uh oh, we couldn't sing JAI HO
Uhoh, sorry for my flabby arms 

If I remember this right, I was singing

I felt like the 3 hours we had there was short. We wanted to sing more, but since HAPPY HOUR would only be until 6 pm, we ended up singing I WILL SURVIVE as the finale.

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Mariel on 12:18 AM said...

I'm glad you're having fun, sis! Ganyan din kami nung mga former officemates ko. In fact, we're planning to meet soon.. Btw, mukhang ok sa Music 21 ah! :)

jO_anne on 5:06 PM said...

you're so sweet sis! thanks :)
go sis! yes, okay sa music 21, basta 3-6 pm happy hour nila :D, meron silang parang package may kasamang food yun

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