Friday, January 22, 2010

From EK to Oman Air

 First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. - Epictetus

I woke up today with a smile on my face while whispering a few things to God. I didn't eat breakfast, I just had a mug of warm water before taking a bath and preparing for today's journey to my dream job.

Armed with confidence and hope, I rode a bus til Pedro Gil Street where I would meet up with Chinee and Cams.  We planned to have our pre-screening at IPAMS (for EK) and submit our requirements at MAYON for OMAN AIR.

This was my..,I don't know if I would consider this as my third time because the November pre-screening was cancelled or just my second time., whatever it was, bottomline was, this was not my first time to try for EK.

We went inside and sat for a few seconds before a guy in glasses ( I don't know his name, not Sir Noel) came and asked for our resumes, 2*2 and 4r pictures. He went inside and left our requirements there. There were only a few ladies and a guy who were on the waiting area. A two or three ladies were called first before me. When it was my turn, and as expected, my height and my weight were measured. The girl did not ask me to reach the 212 cm, I don't know why, unlike on my previous experience, I was asked to reach the 212 cm, without my heels; this morning was different, after measuring my weight, she just asked me to turn around so she could check my legs. She didn't take time also to check my arms and teeth. Then she asked me to seat down and asked me a few questions like (this might be in random) : How old are you? Have you tried applying before for Emirates? Why do you want to pursue your application?  I told the girl I tried last October but didn't get the email. I also added that I went this time because I also updated some parts of my resume. She said the screening process would be the same as the last time.  She  asked me up to what part of the pre screening I was able to undergo or who interviewed me before, I said I was interviewed by Sir Noel and Ms. Rocel. She did not forward my resume to Sir Noel just like the other applicants, I don't know and I was unsure if that was because I already talked to him before or that they do not need me nor want me this time. I was able to be interviewed thrice last November ( the one that was cancelled) , I was able to talk to Ms. Rocel and as I could remember she told me  that she would try to make recommendations for me to be able to go to the assessment but she does not want to give me 100% assurance; but for the mean time, I have to prepare for the assessment so that I could be able to finish it (as many was not able to do so), preparations? she gave some tips like the skin should be clear (no visible blemishes); you have to be good in conversing in English, the photo that you would submit there should be your "Best Shot". I could also recall that the part I was talking to Ms Rocel back November was similar to what I saw earlier, your photos+resume+a paper with IPAMS logo. Today was entirely different, after the first lady (who interviewed me) learned that I was able to talk to Sir Noel and Ms. Rocel, she just told me my resume was in their active files and that would still be reviewed for the Assessment. I just have to wait for the email before the 13th of February.

I don't know if I would consider my interview with Ms. Rocel and Sir Noel as valid. I just don't want to be stressed this time so I would not attract negative vibes. I hope miracles would happen. By the way, my mom didn't know I applied again for Emirates; my friends didn't know this too, and I guess, they would now, because I blogged about it.

After Cams finished her interview with Ms. Rocel, we were discussing about how we would go to Mayon. We don't know how to get there; fortunately, Cams printed the address. We rode a cab and just told manong driver (taxi driver) of the address. We said that it was located on MH Del Pilar, behind Ambassador Hotel. We were lucky that manong was kind, and his tone was calm too.  We were watching the numbers on the buildings, we were looking for the address: 2075 MH Del Pilar Street. We didn't see fully the 2075, but we were able to see a tarpaulin flashing the words: FLIGHT ATTENDANT with the Oman Air logo. Upon going out of the cab, the man in front of the building advised as to go upstairs (on the 2nd floor). There, we didn't know if we were going to fall in line or go directly inside to ask for the procedure. A guy told us to go inside and so we did. There the lady measured our height and weight. She asked for a copy of our resume.[ Just to share, we were the only ones who were wearing corporate.]  After the weight and height measurement, the lady handed us an application form. Then, we were asked to submit it to another lady. The lady in green asked for our 2*2 and 4r photo. She also asked for a copy of our diploma and transcript of records. The lady called my name, she was medyo masungit. Maybe she was stressed, I do not know. She said: 167 cm ka tapos 60 kg ka? Hanggang 59 lang. I felt a little off on what she said, at the back of my mind, I wanted to object, gawd that was overweight for you ? I knew I gained weight because I was a bum, I had nothing to do at home, add to that would be the holidays where a lot of people ate a lot. I checked my BMI and found out I was not overweight. My BMI was normal.. Meaning my weight was proportioned to my height. Then the lady said,magbawas ka ng isa para sa final screening proportion na. Itetext na lang namin kayo kapag may date na ng final screening. She also told us what to expect on the final screening: our face, arms, teeth, weight and height would be checked. We should wear corporate (skirt) and with full make up. When we went out of Mayon, we were discussing our experience there. We were talking that their weight and height measurement was indifferent. Didn't they suppose to use the BMI Calculator to determine whether you were over or underweight or just normal. In my opinion, losing weight would always be possible, but what if you wouldn't be productive? or you couldn't do anything because you were unhealthy? This was just my opinion, correct me if I'm wrong. 

I rode a bus back to Cavite. I was thinking of the words final and screening. Did I hear that right, after saying I was 1 kg bigger on their standard, the lady mentioned the final screening thing. I hope the lady was not kidding. I would be glad to lose even 2 kilos for Oman Air.

Dear Cams and Chinee, it was nice meeting you two. I had a nice time spending a day of another trial to fulfill my dream of becoming a cabin crew. I wish I could see you again. Goodluck and God bless. 

Goodbless to all FA Aspirants.

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Mariel on 8:09 PM said...

Girl, I just measured your BMI. It's 21.5, right? Ok naman ah. OA naman sila. Healthy nga yung BMI mo eh.. Sana pala, sumasama na lang ako sa inyo. :(

jO_anne on 4:11 PM said...

Sayang sis, pero ok lang yan. Oo nga e, hindi ko alam kung anong normal sa kanila. Parang kahit okay yata may sasabihin at sasabihin sila. :P

Liana on 4:59 PM said...

Dear, you're fine. Maybe that girl is just being bitchy. hehe

I'm glad you are going after your dreams! Goodluck! =)

jO_anne on 7:32 PM said...

Thanks Liana dear! :)

Anonymous said...

hi girl,

my name is sarah. i randomly came into your profile coz i was looking for the correct address of mayon agency in manila. i would like to try oman air. i asked my friend to go there, d niya daw makita. im in singapore now, and would like to meet with u if ever makabalik ako manila and we could share some experiences :)

this is my email :

hope to hear from u soon! x

jO_AnNe on 10:07 AM said...

Hi Sarah! Mayon is near Aristocrat :) Here's the complete address:

2F&3F 2075 MH Del Pilar, Manila

It's also near Rajah Sulayman Park. :)

here's my email address:, feel free to send me a message if you have questions/suggestions etc.

sofia on 10:36 PM said...

is oman Air hiring still hiring for FA?..

sofia on 10:37 PM said...

are they still hiring for fA now?.. the Oman Air?..

joannecams on 8:22 AM said...

@Sofia: as of the moment, EK is not Hiring. Oman air is currently conducting initial screening via Mayon Agency

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