Sunday, January 24, 2010

The FOUR Letter word: D-I-E-T

After knowing my weight, I decided to be really serious about my diet. Not just for my FA dream, but for my own sake as well. Gaining weight was one thing I hate! It's a little depressing when you could no longer wear your favorite blouse or you could not buy that nice top you've seen on a store because it wouldn't fit you. I don't want to go back to those days again.

I couldn't remember if I already shared this here in my blog. When I was in grade 4, I used to weigh 150 lbs, my waistline was 32-34 and the saleslady at SM Department Store could not believe I was just 10 years old. Add to this was my class picture back then, gawd, I do not want to take even a single look to that now. I could no longer recall what made me decided to go on a diet; but I could remember I was in fifth grade when I started doing the thing they called "AFTER SIX", this diet was really effective for me. If you follow this, you have to eat your dinner before 6 pm. At first, it was really hard to say no to the foods you like and crave! But as days passed by, I've been used to it. When I was in grade 6, I was 128 lbs, my waistline was 28! People were surprised to see me then because I looked so different. I was successful in trimming down my weight, but I was unaware of the diet I follow. I was a highschool freshman when my mom brought me to a clinic because I was having continuous stomachache for three days. I could not study well and I felt really uncomfortable. There, the doctor said I was  acidic. If I would be continuing my unhealthy diet, it could lead to peptic ulcer. I got scared so from then on, I never skipped any meal, I just don't have snacks in between meals.

It was only during my college days that I started the NO RICE DIET. I could no longer do the AFTER SIX thing since I was studying. If I would starve myself,my mind wouldn't function well, and I might have failed in my quizzes. My NO RICE DIET was not really continuous NO RICE every lunch. Once in a while, I still eat rice, but less than a cup of it. It was really effective. It was only last year that I started to cut it down because I started working. Working was stressful. I eat rice only during lunch time because if I would not, I would have been eating more. I easily starve without rice. But now, I knew I could do the NO RICE DIET again because I'm not working. I could have watched my weight closely, now, only if my brothers (when they were younger) did not jumped on our once-upon-a-time bathroom scale! But it's okay, I could still  say if my diet would be successful or not.  And, and, and, I guess, I should have been eating more fruits now to keep myself healthy (because I only eat oranges, mangoes and bananas).

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Mariel on 11:17 PM said...

Hi sis! I'm sure you can do it. Think of it this way, you're like hitting two birds with one stone. Healthy at sexy ka na, malaki pa ang chance mong matanggap sa Oman Air. Good luck! :)

phie on 12:17 AM said...

Yape.. I know how you feel...

I try to skip dinner when I was in jr. high school, and I've got the same thing, my Dad was very angry because I was too young to have gastric acid problem..

so he wont let me skip dinner anymore..

No Rice is good diet.. You can do it!!

jO_anne on 10:31 AM said...

@Marie: Aww. Thanks sis! :) Sana nga, hehe, and I hope nagsasabi ng totoo yung girl. Hehe. Goodluck to you too!

jO_anne on 10:32 AM said...

@phie: Yes Phie, based from my experience, skipping any meal is bad. Thank you! :)

sojournerslife on 4:05 PM said...

go go go!aja sis!kaya mo yan..haha!moral support!all for chasing the dream!:)

jO_anne on 10:17 AM said...

Sis Cams!! Thank You!!!

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