Thursday, December 24, 2009

These Past Few Days

I missed blogging for a few days because I've had attended an event, and and overnight get together and oh an initial screening for cabin crew application and did my last minute christmas shopping.

Saturday, December 19

I went to my brothers' school to witness their performance and to visit my elementary alma mater as well. I was able to see my grade school teachers and observed how my previous school looked different now. That day, the school celebrated their 24th Foundation Day, (it was founded 1985, just 3 years before I was born so it would be possible to say that I was one of their firsts students since I entered the school on the year 1992, hehe). This year, they had MJ's THIS IS IT as their theme, so all of the songs played were all from the late Michael Jackson. My brothers' class danced Jackson 5's ABC wearing shorts, tshirt with matching suspenders, knee hi socks, plus plus plus lollipop on their mouth while performing. I wanted to laugh the whole time they were dancing because it seemed that my brothers were bothered because the lollipop our mom bought was quite big.
my brother, before we left the house

they were all men, dressed up like real women

I also made use of the school's wifi. That was great because I was able to tweet almost the whole time I was there. I was just unsure if the wifi would only be for that day or for good. I hope it would be permanent so that students could make use of it, it would be an innovation for the school.

The program did not start on time and as expected, it ended up late, so I was a bit hungry, but since I enjoyed the songs, I was able to ignore my hunger. I really wanted to dance when I heard MJ's smooth criminal, I did not know why :))

Sunday - Monday, December 20-21

Blow My Speakers Up, The Party Won't Stop! ( this was the title of our party)

I would be making a separate post for this because if I would include it here, this entry would be too long.

A glimpse: This was the long been planned high school get together and christmas party. Every
year, my friends and I see to it that we would meet during the holidays.

I miss my high school friends

Tuesday, December 22

I haven't had enough sleep but I decided to go to MOA and bought new clothes that I'd be wearing this Christmas. I also did my last minute Christmas shopping and spotted the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs.

things I bought

for myself: pants from Seventeen (cinderella), Blouse from Plains & Prints,
brush set, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Sponge and Nichido eyeshadow palette all
from Watsons

for my family and for my first "inaanak"

I was walking around the mall for like 4 hours, with no lunch haha. But it was okay at least, I could burn the calories I had during the overnight party.

Wednesday, December 23

I asked my friend, Jaymee to come with me at Cebu Pacific. Yes, I applied for their cabin crew post. I arrived around 10 am, there were only few ladies sitting. There were lesser applicants unlike when I went to IPAMS, I guess it's because many were really dreaming to be an International Flight Attendant rather than be based here in the Philippines, anyway, who does not want to be an International Cabin Crew, I, myself also wanted to fly with Qatar or Emirates Air.

The lady, Ms. (I forgot her name), did not measure my height, she said, it was obvious that I was
quite tall. She just asked me to remove my blazer and checked my legs and arms. She also asked me to give my best smile (even if I was smiling already the moment I entered the room) so she could check my teeth.

These were some questions I could remember (in random)
  • Introduce yourself to get to know you better
  • Why do you want to be a cabin crew?
  • What can you say about Cebu Pacific?
  • Why did you resign from your previous work?
  • If we would not hire you, what would be your plans? ( I knew it! Sana man lang tinanong muna niya ko ano pwede kong gawin kapag na-hire ako, bakit naman ito agad! )
  • What is your expected salary since you already have a previous work?
  • What if we could not meet your expected salary, would you still work for us? ( I could remember my answer, I said yes! For me, it would not matter whether I'm paid high or not, as long as I am doing my dream job)
  • What would be your advantage among other applicants?
The lady told me to wait for the call (only until Wednesday Night), if I did not receive a call, it means I was unsuccessful and could reapply after 6 months. Whew! That would be a long wait.

This was my another failed attempt to reach for my dreams and my last attempt for
the year 2009. I would not deny that I was disheartened because I did not receive a call last night. I felt that the year 2009 was not my year. I felt that 09 was a total disappointment for me. Sometimes I wanted to ask myself if being a cabin crew was really for me or am I meant to
be working in the field of media since it was my first love; but it was my dream to fly and be
a flight attendant. I guess, this was not just the right time. God made my the attempts (QR, EK and 5J application) unsuccessful because He had a reason and I knew it would be for my own good.

I failed QR twice; once for EK and Cebu Pacific but these attempts would not stop me to reach for my dreams. I may have failed Cebu Pacific but this would open more opportunities to be an International Cabin crew. I only have PAL as my last choice to be a domestic flight attendant but I was neither expecting nor hoping for them since I knew they were very strict but who knows? :) Did I say last? I might be wrong, I might try Zest Air also, I was still unsure of pursuing Zest Air.

My screening was done before 11 am, Jaymee and I decided to go straight to Baclaran Church. I was a devotee of Our Mother of Perpetual Help since high school. But when I worked for BPI, I was not able to attend the novena every Wednesday.

After the novena, we went to MOA to have lunch. Jaymee and I ate at Tokyo Tokyo since I was craving for Maki since Monday. I ate a lot because I didn't have time to have a breakfast.

I also visited Astroplus and Odyssey to spot some old films.
I also cut my diet for that day! We decided to stop at DQ and settled for the Chocolate Chip blizzard. :)

We went home around 4 pm.



caz on 11:22 AM said...

Ohh job hunting. I had to apply to more than 10 positions wherein I did not receive any feedback from 4? I got interviewed I think 5 times and only got to 2nd interview for 2? Haha but all in good time. I wish you the best. :)

jO_anne on 11:28 AM said...

Thank You! Yes, job hunting/chasing my dream job! I think God wants me to relax and get ready because He has something big to offer me :)

Mariel on 11:23 PM said...

Hi sis!.. Everything happens for a reason. We just have to try and try until we succeed. Never give up! Merry Christmas! :)

jO_anne on 7:30 AM said...

Hi sis! Thank You. Oo nga e, yun na lang iniisip ko, kasi minsan akala natin end na pero yun lang pala ang start ng bigger opportunities. Never say die! :) Merry Christmas!

SARAH on 10:48 AM said...

Hi Jo_anne!

Im so tempted to try being a flight attendant. i just want to ask if I can just drop my resume at IPAMS anytime? I think i missed the screenings..

Anyhoo.. Goodluck in ur quest!

jO_anne on 10:54 AM said...

Hi Sarah,submission of resume can only be done when they have screenings, I'm not sure though. But I suggest that you make an account at IPAMS because they send an email of information when there are screenings :)

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