Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I was Reminded Today.,

., of my dream job

1. While my mom and I were inside the cab early this afternoon, I heard Emirates' radio commercial. That was my first time to hear that.

2. My mom and I were strolling around Gateway this afternoon, I saw a man wearing a shirt with a DUBAI design on it.

3. I attended the 4 pm novena at Baclaran Church. Part of the novena was the reading of a thanksgiving letter. It came from an ofw. The letter said she was unemployed for a year because she was aiming to work abroad. There were a few opportunities abroad but they failed. She set aside the thought of working overseas and so she applied for a local employment and was immediately hired. She was happy with her work and with the environment until another opportunity abroad came. The rest was history. Now,she was happy working at Dubai.

4. While we're on our way home to Cavite, I saw a plane flying along Coastal road, I was just wondering what plane it was, and then I saw the logo of Oman Air. I knew they do not operate flights to Manila, but I knew it was their logo, I was just wondering; or could it be I was just thinking of them. haha!

I just hope God wanted to tell me to keep on working for my dream job! Never say die! I promise! :)


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