Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blow My Speakers Up, The Party Won't Stop!

The December 20-21 Get Together slash Christmas Party!

Packing lite was never my thing! I always bring a lot of things whenever I get out of the house. I woke up as early as 5:30 am just to pack my things.

some of my things

packing done!

I waited for Sunday because it was the date of our long-been-planned get together and Christmas party minus the exchange gift portion :)

My high school friends and I were supposed to meet by 10 am but since I used to attend the 8-9 am mass, I asked my friend if it would be possible to meet an hour late and so we agreed to meet by 11 am.

The get together happened at Banio Kreek located at Pulong Bunga, Silang, Cavite. It was hard getting there because even if we were living in Cavite ever since, we were not familiar with the whole place of Silang. I never imagined Silang would be that big. We kept on asking some natives for directions. When we got to the place one of my friends said, "para talagang ganito yung setting ng mga slasher films", I could attest to that since I was a fan of it, I couldn't understand myself too, haha. I think I was quite different because I'd rather watch slasher/horror/suspense films than romantic movies. Anyway, when my friend already parked his car, we still waited at the parking space because we were not sure of our check in time, it was only there and then that we found out that our check in time was 8 pm, we were 3-4 hours early, but we were allowed to put our things inside and just wait for the time the poolside (the place we reserved) would be available.


Three of my friends brought their DSLRs and so most of the time, we were taking pictures: solo, group, candid, etc. We also had the "games" portion where I was one of the planners. Being a game planner was one thing I enjoyed. I had been one of the masters of the game I think, twice or thrice during our high school years.

We: I, Jana, Bry, Vinch and Bobbie Jo could not join the first two games since we planned them.

game masters! We called our team, CALDO.

First game: Memory Recall
Mechanics: Recall the high school memories.
Directions: Recall them by heart :)

I was the one who typed the questions but it was a product of 4 minds including mine. We were laughing the whole time because my friends could not answer some of the questions.

They were able to answer a tough question!

Game 1 winning team!

Game Two: Pinoy Henyo
Mechanics: Recall the high school teachers
Directions: Again, recall them by heart.
Every group would be given 30 seconds to think of the answer

This was quite the same with our first game. The only difference was we only concentrated on our high school teachers.

Game Three and Four: Charades
Topic: Movies and Series.
Directions: Each one would be given the chance to act whatever was written on the piece of paper

Finally, I was able to join the game. We decided to have themes so we settled for movies and television series. We lost twice haha, but it was okay, at least I enjoyed. This was also the time that I realized that I knew a lot of Old Filipino Films even if I haven't seen them like "Sa Iyo ang Tondo, akin ang Cavite"; "Inday at ang Mahiwagang Bibe" and "Ula, ang batang gubat". My friends were laughing a lot since and they got crazy when I was able to guess Juday's Ula. Hahaha. They even asked: ka edad ka ba talaga namin Joanne?

serious mode
Semi Despedida
After the games, we presented our mini AVP for our friend, Bryan, who was fixing his papers for his Norway journey. He would be leaving us for Norway, and there's no definite date yet of departure. He was surprised because we were not saying that the party was partly a despedida for him.

with Norway Boy, Bry, forgive me
readers, I was already wasted :P

The last part of the night? or should I say, we did swim till dawn. The water was freezing, I said:
"daig pa nito ang lamig ng swimming pool ng DLSU!". My friends gave me some swimming lessons since they knew I wanted to be a flight attendant and that some airlines prefer that applicants for FA post know how to swim. My friends advised me to enroll in a swimming class which I think I would. I alreadyinquired at Bert Lozada Swimming School and classes would start this January 9.

At around 2:30 am, I decided to get out of the pool because I could not stand the cold water. My friends and I decided to go upstairs and have some chit-chats.
I also thought of sleeping because I haven't had enough of sleep, and seeing some of my friends sleeping as well enticed me to take a rest too. At 3:30, I decided to sleep. I woke up at around 8 am, it was raining outside and it was cold, too bad, I brought a short and not a pair of pants. Thank goodness, I was able to put a jacket in my bag.

We were "lowbatt" during the morning and we decided to go home early because some of my friends were sleepy and tired.

All in all, the party was filled with fun! Take 2 please?? :))

photos courtesy of Bry, Vinch and Jolo.


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