Monday, November 02, 2009

It's A Girl Thing

I went to Rob Place Imus this afternoon to look for some gift ideas for my godchildren. I was not able to buy anything for them. I guess I'll be raiding either 168 or Greenhills next month. :)

I ended up buying stuff for myself and for my dad. I bought him a shirt while I bought a red lipstick for myself and a cake foundation. The red lipstick was only 50 pesos and the cake foundation was on its regular price at 395.

Revlon Cake foundation and
Red Lipstick from Aido

I decided to have a red lipstick and another cake foundation for the upcoming open days :)
(I hope that there would be open days this month and next month! It would be great because I am resigning on the 17th :P )
I love wearing make up. I wish to have more stuff on my make up kit! And I think I'd be needing more savings for me to have more! hahaha! :)

Presenting! My Make Up Kit!
Some of my make up were from my aunt (now based in Canada).

For My Face:
I use Maybelline Mineral Foundation and Revlon Cake Make up, as for my face powder, I use Maybelline Clear Smooth Face powder. My face is quite sensitive that's why I am really choosy when it comes to the powder I use. I've been using it eversince it started selling on the market and I really adore it! Aside from the fact that it is cheaper than other pressed powders it also keep my face from getting oily :)

It's my first time to try Fanny Serrano's concealer and I loved it. It blends it my skin well. I also use Elf and Fashion 21 (the green one). Fs costs higher than the two but it is better.
Color my Cheeks!
I'm also choosy when it comes to blush ons. I don't go for the local brands because my face is so sensitive. Most of the time, I go for elf; or whenever I have more savings, I trust Maybelline and Revlon!

My mascara(s) are all from my aunt - all from Avon Canada and Clinique :) I am not choosy when it comes to eye pencil, I buy whatever brand is the cheapest haha.

Eyeshadow: Most of my eye shadow(s) are from my aunt also. The Careline eyeshadow was the one I bought for my graduation day (ako lang kasi nag make up sa sarili ko, haha). Halos lahat yan bigay lang, I think, dalawa lang yung binili ko talaga yung Careline and Elf.
Lips: I'm quite choosy also when it comes to lipsticks. I go for the brands na matagal ko na pinagkakatiwalaan. :) Sayang nga mauubos na yung Clinique lip balm, yan pa naman yung gamot sa lips ko kapag nag-chap.
Make up(s) ko. hehehe. Naisipan ko silang picturan kasi aayusin ko ang pagkakalagay. I really wish to have more though hindi ko naman nagagamit sila ng sabay sabay, masaya pa rin yung marami at least on different occasions may mga pagpipilian.


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