Friday, November 20, 2009


view near the registrar's office

I went at DLSU-M this morning to request for my TOR. I'm so sentimental, I can't help but reminisce.

  • scanning my id at the gate
  • walking at the halls carrying my green file case
  • going to PGP chapel before my first class starts
  • sitting at SJ walk waiting for my friends
  • sitting at SJ brown tables with my friends
  • going to the university library, looking for books and reading my notes in preparation for a quiz
  • spending time at cybernook, updating my friendster and multiply
  • MY FRIENDS, PROFESSORS and some schooolmates :P
  • and etc.,
Now, a lot of things changed. My life is so different. Even my dream is. When I'm still in La Salle, my drive to be an FA is not this big, but, now, I am really serious and determined to be one, I just hope I can make it. A La Sallian FA? I hope so. :)


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