Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At Random :)

1. I went to IPAMS this Morning to try again for Emirates Airlines. Mom and Dad dropped me off at IPAMS because they have to go to Marlow to check on the results of my father's medical.
I was at IPAMS for less than an hour. Same procedure as my first's, they checked my weight, height and my skin. I was asked to reach the 212 cm for the arm reach test. I was asked to introduce myself, and why I wanted to be a cabin crew. After a few minutes, Sir Noel called me to ask when was the last time I went there and what happened to my previous application. He also asked if I was able to talk to Ms. Rocel, I said I tried calling her but I was not able to talk to her because she was attending to other applicants (not for fa post). I was asked again to wait at the recruitment area, after calling to girls I was called again, Ms Rocel did not ask me things, instead, she discussed what happened to my previous application. She said my profile was put on 'reserved'. There were other things she told me that I decided not to put in here because there were a lot that I could not enumerate one by one. But if you still have questions or you may want to know everything, you can send me an email so I can try to put it in detail :P

2. Rode a cab to go to Marlow because my parents were there. I felt embarassed because I did not notice I have a smaller bill in my wallet. I called my mom and asked her to gey out of the building first so I can pay for the ride haha :p

3. I wanted to go to La Salle so I could ask for a copy of my transcript and a copy of my diploma for Oman Air application. However, I felt like my parents did not want it so I decided to just go there next week, maybe on Friday so I can also have another picture taken haha for 2 other applications: Oman Air and Qatar Air.

4. Asked my dad to stop at Starbucks Power Station. I want frappe to calm myself (I bought strawberries and cream for myself and chocolate cream chip for mom. Papa didn't want anything)! hahaha. Because tomorrow will be another day at work plus the practice for the General Assembly on Friday. how I hate it! I'd be singing and dancing! Shux! I don't dance!

5. I AM RESIGNING ON TUESDAY! Will inform my team leader tomorrow. I have long waited for this! It makes my heart skips because of happiness! I really wanted to quit but I did not have a choice then because I have to finish my bond, and now, the time bond would end on Monday :)

6. Thanks FWB for posting the Qatar Open Day on November 21st! Your blog was such a help! :)Goodluck to you! I'd be waiting for your multiply! :)


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