Saturday, October 03, 2009


5 Blahs at Random

1. Today is October 3, another typhoon named Pepeng is hitting the country with its strong winds and heavy rain. I am supposed to go to IPAMS today to try for Emirates but it is raining and to be sure of what may happen due to Pepeng, I decided to move my plans may be next week (I have to because the screening is just until October 10).

2. It's been almost a year since I graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Philippine Studies Major in Filipino in Mass Media (We graduated October 4). I can't help but be emotional. I really have good memories of my college life, even if I get not so high grades during my first term and never have the chance to have a block. College life is sweet and great!

with my good pals, Michi, Timmy, Marcia and Loui
the OTHs and CUM LAUDE(s); with Anthony
and Dave

3. I didn't swap my night shift in exchange of 6 to 2. Many clients pissed me off and calls are always on queue. How I wish the company will hire more phonebankers because the volume of calls is getting bigger. How can they minimize abandonement rate if there will always be less phonebankers. Many are resigning now and we can't say, maybe in the coming days there will be more people resigning.

4. I'll be doing my brothers' project. I miss doing this. I miss taking a bus ride going to Quirino. I miss taking a jeep going to La Salle. I miss scanning my id at the North Gate. I miss going to the Ladies room at LS Building near the Registrar's Office. I miss going to PGP Chapel before my first class. I miss spending my free time at our library, at SJ Brown tables, at SJ walk. I miss riding the LRT from Vito Cruz up to Edsa Station.

5. I RECOMMEND KETTLE KORN CHEESE FLAVOR! It tastes good! My 49 pesos is worth it! Bitin nga e! Kasi I wanted to eat a lot yesterday!


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