Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pre Screening

I went to IPAMS this morning. It was nerve wracking. While I was on my way to IPAMS, I felt there were butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I wanted to cry. I've been texting my friends so as to add confidence in me. I kept on thinking and praying that everything would just turn out fine.

Here's a picture of me while I was on my way to Manila:

I could not afford to miss a single
picture of me wearing corporate
with full make up :P

I arrived at around 9:30 or later. Mama was with me while papa was on our car. The guard directed mama to another side of IPAMS that serves as their waiting area. As I entered IPAMS, nervousness still kept on bothering me, but to contrast it, I just thought that this would be part of my dream. I mean, everyone who dreams of becoming a flight attendant would also experience the same.

I passed my cv together with my pictures and I waited for my turn. I think I was seated for more than 20 mins, I was not able to monitor the time since I was texting my friend Myka.

The guy in white shirt called my name, he was familiar, I think he was the guy who gave us numbers when I went to Qatar Open day last June; I followed him together with the other girls. When I got inside, I seated for a while and waited to be called. The guy in glasses checked my height and my weight. Then I waited again. Then the girl in pink who was nice called me, she asked me to be seated before she commanded me to reach the 212 cm (written on a masking tape) that was posted to the wall. I thought I wouldn't be able to reach it, gosh, I said to myself "ang taas pala ng 212 cm" , hahaha, I mean, I never thought it would be that high.

Then she asked me a few questions why I wanted to be a flight attendant. She also gave me some helpful tips that I would always bear in mind. Then she asked me to wait again, after a while I was asked to go to another room for a group discussion. I don't know how many we were there. Ms Rocel ( now I know her, I was able to receive an email of information from her re Qatar Open days and I also received texts from her informing me of the Qatar Open day last August) asked us to introduce ourselves one after the other then she also did some reminders and tips such as how to do or what to expect if ever we'd be called for the 2nd assessment which would be facilitated by the Emirates Crews/officials themselves. The group discussion was just short, nevertheless, it made me feel like more determined to pursue my dream. I'd never give up.

So there..that was the pre-screening experience. I hope miracles would happen and I'd be able to be shortlisted. This dream was not just for me. It was also for all those who believed in me, my parents, friends and all other people who continuously believe that I can make it as a flight attendant.


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