Friday, October 23, 2009

Maybe It's A Sign

Okay, this is final, I will not attend 5J's screening on Wednesday.
I feel sad about my decision, well, it's actually mom's advice not to go there anymore on Wednesday. I think this will be the best and this may also be God's message for me.

1. We are supposed to be on a morning shift next week (8 to 5 and 9 to 6 schedule with Wed and Sun off), but I don't know why and I don't get the rationale why it was changed to 12 to 9 with sat and sun off. I don't think it's about the manning, I will definitely agree with Lars because there have been no additional phonebankers on that shift!

2. For what I know, if you will pass Cebu Pac's Pre Screening, you will undergo more interviews for the following days, you will also have your medicals if you pass. Ayoko maging "feeling"but let's be open to all possibilities of what may happen next hindi ba? It will mean being absent again from work, nasabihan na kasi ako dati ng PBIC namin, and so ayoko naman na mamaya hindi ko rin maituloy ang plano kaya huwag na lang din muna ako mag apply, as advised na rin ng mama ko. Sad, but I really have to be open to all possibilities or consequences, at isa pa, mas frustrating kung hindi ko mapuntahan yung mga susunod. Marami pa rin namang airlines diyan and for sure, magkakaroon pa rin ng opening ang 5J :)

So there, sad, yet I really have to weigh things.


prince_devy on 10:27 AM said...

ok lng yan Jo.. pag dumating ung opporunity na tlga pra sau you'll know what to do.. :) kita kits on December...

jO_anne on 9:02 PM said...

oo nga :) kitakits on December! Mukhang exciting, let's invade IPAMS! :D

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