Sunday, September 27, 2009

ONDOY, don't ever come back

Ondoy made a lot of people homeless. A lot of people was not able to save even a single property. Yesterday was a complete disaster as I would always say. It was terrible to see people walking on the flooded streets with the water even up to waist-deep. It also made me sad to know that some of my officemates were stranded; some of them could not go home because their houses were in the middle of flood.

A while ago, I was able to read my cousin's status on her facebook - she was stranded for 15 hours and even had a long walk just to get home, and that made me think if I'd be going to work tomorrow. I don't want to be stranded! I don't want to walk from Baclaran to Cavite that was exhausting! I don't also have any idea if buses could pass by Bacoor now without any hassles. This was really hard.

Even if we're not really affected here on our area, still, the fact that some of your friends experienced the terrible typhoon make me feel like I don't want to go to work tomorrow, plus the fear that I might get stranded too, pushes me to call the officer in charge of those who wanted to be absent. I don't feel like going to work not just because of the idea that there might be calls queueing again and that clients were still inconsiderate despite the flood, but also, I feel like it would be better to see a calm weather and that what had happened yesterday would remain a nightmare for every people.


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