Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keeping a Dream, Reaching for the Star

I was set to be on a graveyard (gy) schedule for the coming couple of weeks. I had been thinking
and thinking of how will I attend IPAMS' Pre screening for Emirates Airlines on that kind of schedule. I just prayed and asked God for assistance, luckily, just this weekan aid came. While on work, and while I couldn't take calls because of my suspended access on our system (due to wrong password entered), I received a multicast coming from one of my team mates, one of her batchmates needs a gy schedule in exchange of the earliest morning shift which was 6 to 2. I felt that it was a great chance for me so I could go to IPAMS to try. I knew it wouldn't be worthless going there. I knew very well that I wouldn't be losing anything if I'd try. And so I swapped my night shift for the earliest schedule.

Now, I have more time to prepare. The only thing bothering me right now was the rain, I couldn't go out because it was really pouring hard. I may not do anything todaybut at least I could list all the things I have to accomplish this week in preparation for my plan.

By the way, I watched VIEW FROM THE TOP for the second time. Still, I was emotional, especially on the scene where Donna Jensen was already set to fly for RoyaltyAirlines and no longer for Royalty Express. It was the scene at the airport, where she saw flight attendants from different international airlines while the song "No Sign of it" was playing on the background. The
scene did melt my heart; my tears fell, I did remember how my heart wanted to be like her in real life.

The film inspired me more to strive for my dream career and to keep my optimism going and getting stronger. In addition, I would also like to emphasize the word SUPPORT, coming from a lot of people for encouraging me to be a flight attendant. I must agree with what Donna Jensen said: "SALLY WESTON ALWAYS


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