Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fly High

I visited Cebu Pacific's site because I did a canvass for a round trip air ticket going to Palawan. Well, when I saw the prices, I realized I have to save a lot if that plan (with my officemates) would push through. :)

Moving on, I tried browsing their careers link, and saw this position - this was my mom's dream for me when I was still a kid. I disapproved of it then, but now, there was a 360 degree turn. It was now my dream career. I love discovering places I've never been before. We learn from things, places and people we're not familiar to. I really do hope (fingers crossed*) that I could get my dream job after the.., ****.

I promise, I'd do my very best just to land on my dream career. NO TO GIVING UP!


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