Sunday, September 06, 2009

Comfort Foods

Lately, I'm into "sweet tooth" mode again. Haha.
I started to love STARBUCKS again. I was not a fan then, but I love their frappe and their white chocolate mocha. I've been to that coffee shop a few times when I was still in La Salle, but when I started working at Makati, I frequently visit Starbucks together with my (coffee) drinking buddy, Lars. We're both Starbucks addict and we usually express our disappointments and frustrations at their MSE (Makati Stock Exchange) Branch. One proof that I'm into Starbucks now, would be my latest credit card bill, 3 Starbucks Branches along Makati reflected in my statement of account.

Secondly, I am loving ROYCE also. Yes, the chocolate from Japan. It was also Lars who introduced Royce to me. She said it tasted good so when she asked me if I wanted one, I agreed and tried their almond chocolate flavor. If I to rate it from the scale of 1 to 5, I'd give a perfect score and their white chocolate a 2 or 3, haha. I love white chocolates, but their version of it was like the taste of goya.

Third: KRISPY KREME MANIA. I remember Dave, Kor and Reese during the Victory Party of La Salle 2 years ago. They were into Krispy Kreme. They loved it. Now I know why. The doughnuts were really good. Especially their original glazed.
Their new Chocolate Kreme Cakes made with Oreo relieved my stress. At first bite, I knew I did not waste my 42 bucks buying one. I guess, that was a prize for me after a stressful day at work.

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