Friday, August 29, 2008

Ten Things I LOVE at this moment.

1. Talking to Him . Our (every) connection makes me better each and every single day.
2. My final grade in PHILORL is 4.0! (how I wish my grades are all 4.0! hahaha)
3. Sharing stories with my mom and taking pictures with her.

4. Being called Charlotte York.

a lady in every sense of the word. You are pretty, kind and hopeful. Everything you do and say is without a hidden agenda and you believe that everyone has a soul mate. You are an eternal optimist and everyone you know can't help but smile when you're around. (as said in

5. Giving sound advices to my friends.

6. Being with my friends.

7. Seeing a glimpse of the real world.

8. Going to malls and looking for good and stylish clothes, cute stuff, trendy bags, etc. (I haven't gone shopping since the term started. Hehehhe. My rational part tells me to save! Save! and save and live a more practical life)

9. Listening to love songs; they keep me on the mood.

10. I <3>


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