Friday, August 29, 2008

So Far So Good Etc,

POSTED: JULY 20, 2008 (in my multiply again!)

I am happy about the results of my midterm grades :) I hope I can maintain or even make my grades higher despite the coming of (again) stressful days!!!

INTOECO - My prof texted me, he said I got 91. I am happy with this because I am not that good in Math-related subjects or subjects that are not that close with my course. Buying the Principles of Economics book worth 655 Php is not put into waste because I get to read our lessons in advance (gah! I have to read tonight! )

KASPIL2 - Although this subject keeps me "sabaw" whenever we think of the questions that we have to put in our report, I still manage to smile and stay calm because I have responsible groupmates whom I can also consider my new found friends

INTHROP - (oo na, pang frosh!, hehehehe) I got 3.5! I'll be a better student for the remaining weeks so I can get a 4.0

PHILORL - First quiz: 94/100 = 3.5
Second Quiz slash Midterm Exam: 100/100 = 4.0
Midterm Grade: 4.0 (kasi kung ano daw yung score namin sa second quiz, yun na ang midterm grade)

*** It is in our Philorl class that I get to write some quotable quotes from some Philosophers. I also agree with some of the views raised and I, of course, disagree with some despite having strong points to defend it.

God does not exist - My parents sent me to Catholic Schools and they also taught me to go to Church every Sunday. In all the challenges I've faced, I always turn to God and ask for His help, and He never fails to answer my prayers, although,I must admit, I also have prayers that have not been answered but God allowed me to understand why He cannot give them to me.


SOREN KIERKEGAARD: The most poignant moments in life are personal, where one becomes aware of oneself as a subject.
- Indeed! Every person is different and we all have different experiences. Hindi naman pwedeng magdictate ng isang bagay na "masaklap" and make it universal dahil magkakaiba ng karanasan ang mga tao.

JEAN PAUL SARTRE: Existence Precedes Essence
- I agree that man exists first then later on creates his essence. Our life will always depend on the choices we make. I chose to be a La Sallian and now, I am a soon to be an alumna of La Salle :)

agree-disagree (hati, hahaha)
NIETZSCHE: Women are the most Dangerous plaything
Oh well. hahaha. I agree that women want to be pampered but I disagree that we can be powerful by using our charms. Women can also be intelligent and can outwit men! Maraming babae ang mas mature mag-isip kesa sa lalaki! Hahaha. But I am not saying na all men are immature.

those are just my views. I have to end this entry dahil tinatapos ko pa ang research para sa Inthrop namin. :)


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