Friday, June 27, 2008

Leaving La Salle Soon

January, 2005 ( I forgot the exact day), I didn't pass La Salle's entrance exam. I decided to go to St.Scholastica's College instead of having my application (in La Salle) reconsidered. At St. Scho, I gained friends, I learned to be independent since I was away from my close friends (highschool) and most of all, I learned to give my best in everything I do may it be as simple as counting 1,2,3 or as hard as memorizing the chemical formula in my Chemistry Class. June, July, August, September, then, October came, I've decided, If I would be in St.Scho's dean's list, I would transfer to La Salle if not, then, stay. Course card day, my grades ranges from A to B+ (in La Salle's grading system, A would be 4.0, A- would be 3.5 and B+ would be 3.0 ), my average was 3.725, enough to qualified for the dean's list. My decision: try my luck in La Salle for the Second Time!

The rest of this was a long story, so kaunting fast forward.

January, 2006 - the moment I've been waiting for, finally, I could call myself, a La Sallian. I've experienced spending my breaks all alone, then finally meeting my first friends in school and meeting their friends (too). There was also an instance wherein I thought I would fail a subject, but luck was on my side, and the prof gave me a 1.5, hehehe. Sa INSTUDI yon, I thought I could study International Studies, but I was wrong, I thought I could enjoy INSTUDI but I did not or maybe I was just adjusting then. Noon okay na sa akin 'to, pero ngayon, hindi na, yung akala ko ngang 2.5 na grade naiyak na ko e. Anyway, after my first term in La Salle and during the night of my birthday party (debut) I said to myself, I would do anything just to graduate with honors and from then on, I learned to sleep from 2-3 hours at night then magising ng buong madaling araw or magising ng mga 12 am or 1 am then, tuluy-tuloy na, bahala na ang KAPE sa akin!

THE SERIES OF FORTUNATE EVENTS: I've managed to stay on the dean's list, kahit na minsan, napalpak din and siyempre, proud ako doon, for the second time around, kasama ulit ako sa Annual Academic Recognition dahil qualified ako sa First Honors Deans List earning a TGPA of 3.567 for one school year (2007-2008).

But my La Sallian life was indeed happier not just because of my grades but because of the people whom I've met, believed in, loved and spent memorable moments with. I knew, if not for them, I wouldn't be as happy as this and wouldn't be as grateful as this!

Unforgettable Professors: Ms. Ayie, Sir Unson (hindi ko talaga makakalimutan lahat ng sinabi niya! I remember everything he said and his words would always be in my mind! Kay Sir yata nagsimula yung maappreciate ka dahil nagsisipag ka, yung ganon, masayang isipin na may naniniwala sa'yo! ), Sir Louie (see you soon! sama ako mag-coffee!), Doc Fanny and the 4.0+ (grabe! ilang araw akong lutang dahil sa 4.0+ sa Thesis ko, I didn't expect it! Akala ko nga nung una kung ano lang yung sign na + yun pala plus! Kapag naiisip ko yung sinabi ni Sir Winton na kung nakakuha ka ng 4.0 kay Doc Fanny, you must be something! Kaya pala siguro ilang araw akong lutang dahil binigyan niya ko ng 4.0+ , sorry if I sounded like nagmamayabang, pero proud talaga ako! Yun ang masasabi ko, who wouldn't be??? Getting a 4.0+), Sir Rhod (the same with what I said about Doc Fanny) and most of all, Sir YNION! (I miss him, he believed in me from the start! and I could say that I had been a good student because I had a good professor, like him, I would always bear in mind everything he said)


JUNE 30, 2008 - JULY 4,2008 : Application to Graduate for CLA students. The day we've (I and my friends) been waiting for!

To Dave: Sister, don't forget to attend the annual academic recognition on August. Tagal pa, hahaha, pero excited na ko!

To Michi and Timmy F: Konting pukpok pa, puyat, at pangangareer sa mga subject para magkamedal na talaga at totohanang medal!!!

To Timmy: My all the time buddy! Let's finish our OJT as soon as possible! Hahahha.


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