Friday, May 30, 2008

First Term 08-09..My Last Term

Monday. For others it was their first day, maybe that was the first day of their College life, or the first day of their sophomore days or maybe the first day of their last school year in DLSU. But for me, and for others as well, it was the start of our LAST TERM IN DLSU. Although I did not enroll for MW classes,I woke up very early because I had to adjust for INTHROP (err. Introduction to Anthropology). I had to join a frosh block or else I'd extend for another term.

Tuesday. This was really my first day. My first class was INTOECO then a break from 9:30-11:20. During the break I was thinking on how to survive KASPIL2 since I didn't know anyone from that class but when I went to the room, I was surprised to see a few people I know. Hehehe. Lucky me. But when I asked them, they said their class was KASPIL1, I was confused since I only followed what was indicated in my EAF. A few minutes later, Michi entered the room, there..we're both enrolled pala in KASPIL2. A few minutes passed again, a Japanese professor entered the room, he said he would be handling KASPIL1, and so all of the students who enrolled for KASPIL2 went out of the room and waited for the announcement. The prof said we would be having a freecut instead because the registrar mistakenly put KASPIL1 and KASPIL2 on the same room at the same schedule.

Wednesday. I went to school to process my Transcript of Records and my good moral character. It was also the day I alloted for my OJT requirements. I already got my recommendation and they were set to be emailed by today.

Thursday. Finally, I know people from my INTHROP class. They were nice people. I hope they would adopt me everytime we have groupworks. Hahaha. Our PHILORL was fun. I also felt good about reading the handout the whole dawn and remembering them by heart.

First term, the first for the school year 2008-2009 but this was also my last term as a La Sallian student. I just hope there would be no problems for my ojt. I hope I'd be able to start my practicum as soon as possible because I also want to graduate sooon!!! :)


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