Sunday, May 18, 2008


  1. Enrolled for Third Term.
  2. Went to school from Mondays to Thursdays because we only had 4-day classes starting Third term.
  3. My first term without.,ehem ;).
  4. Last term of taking my major subjects (FEAWRIT, ELECTIVES 2-4).
  5. After a few terms, my schedule was back to half days.
  6. Watched Desperadas with mom.
  7. Start of being a workaholic.
  8. Bid goodbye to my former thesis adviser. Though my knees were shaking when I was talking to her, I had to do it for some reasons.
  1. Heartbreaking days.
  2. Changed my thesis.
  3. Sleepless nights.
  4. No time to shop.
  5. Not-so-high-grades in my Gaylit quizzes.
  6. The-I-can-relate-to-drama every Gaylit class.
  7. Watched a gay/pink film entitled "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" with Mares. That was the first time I've watched such films. And that was the first time also that I went to Galleria just to watch a film. (Yeah! I don't go to Galleria, that was the only time!)
  8. Bought a Manikako doll. Manikako was ADHOC's project (if my memory's right, I think, this Manikako doll project was for the Bicolanos who lost their homes due to bagyong Reming).
  9. Camwhoring with my PHM loves. (friends from PHM. hehehehe)
  10. Got the third highest score in my midterms in FEAWRIT.
  11. Got a midterm grade of 95 in my FILGENS.
  12. Been in our school's museum for the second time.

  1. Watched an afternoon concert at Philam Theater (UN Avenue, near WHO)
  2. My phone got stolen inside our school.
  3. Been working for almost 24/7
  4. Only few hours of sleep.
  5. Experienced: nagkakasinat-gagaling-at-magkakasinat ulit- tapos gagaling na
  6. Rushing my thesis.
  7. Doing my thesis even if it's Holy Week
  8. Been to UP-Diliman to interview a person whom I never thought I could talk to
  9. Met Dr. Prospero Covar (this was such a privilege!)
  10. Been to Trinoma and shopped at Landmark.
  11. Rode the MRT from North Avenue station to Edsa-Taft (jampacked! the aircon was useless! That was a hot, really hot day!)
  12. Been to Iloilo.
  13. Visited churches that I only hear from Sir Ynion (Miag-Ao Church and Jaro Cathedral).
  14. Met the former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada and had a picture taken with him.
  15. Been to Guimaras
  16. Been to a beach but did not swim.
  17. Drank extra joss for the first time.
  18. Drank lipovitan to keep me from sleeping.

  1. Been to Gloria Jeans (Cubao) just for my thesis.
  2. Drank cupsssssssss of coffee and glasses of extra joss just to keep me awake.
  3. Paranoia vs. Sanity (days - due to my thesis).
  4. Lose weight
  5. Received a 4.0+ from Dr. Fanny Garcia.
  6. Received a 4.0 from Dr. Rhod Nuncio.
  7. Been a candidate for best thesis.
  8. Got a gpa of 3.750 that made me back to the first honors deans list.
  9. Had the simplest birthday ever! My 20th birthday.
  10. Enrolled for summer.
  11. Went to Gloria Jeans (again) just for my recommendation (for my thesis).
  12. Organized a despedida party for my mentor, Sir Winton Ynion.
  13. Spent more than a thousand just to pass my thesis (hardbound)
  14. Ate at the newly renovated KFC (Taft) and took vanity pictures with Dave.
  15. Got 94.5 in my first STAT101 quiz.

  1. I've been paranoid because of our STAT101 lesson about Probability.
  2. Been to a secluded part of Silang just for my community service.
  3. Met a lot of people that added fun during my overnight community service.
  4. Got 83 in my STAT101 quiz no.2 (about probability)
  5. Got 101 in my last quiz in STAT101
  6. Got an 80 in my final exam in STAT101.
  7. Got a 3.5 in my STAT101 (final grade)
  8. Got a 4.0 in my RELSFOR
  9. Got a GPA of 3.75.
  10. Been Qualified (again) in the Annual Academic Recognition.
  11. Back to the first honors deans list.
  12. Did shop for shoes at People are People and bought a blouse at Milk&Co.
  13. Went to MOA
  14. Bought 2 horror vcds.
  15. A good sleep anytime I wanted to.


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