Friday, April 18, 2008

Just One Last Drama Before Summer Term Starts

I knew a lot of sad and hurtful things this life could offer, and one of which was letting go..of someone who was never yours. On the dawn of my birthday, my friend, Dave told me: "Palayain mo na ang sarili mo" and yes, He was indeed right! For months I've been so stupid and bitter about what happened between me and "HIM". For months I've been avoiding him, ignoring him etc. But, did those things really make me happy? No. I thought I could uplift myself by doing those things but I was wrong. I was just covering my entire self with a lie. I realized that I could never let a person go out of my system neither by feeling bitter nor liking another guy. Liking another guy while forgetting a person was just another lie and that was one thing I realized with the experience I had. I've been hurt badly but I guess, the lessons were the reasons why I should have to be hurt again so that the next time I'd fall, I would not bruise my heart and even myself with the same mistake. Loving was indeed a joyous thing but at the same time it could also be an excruciating phase in life.

This time, letting go and moving on would be for real. Many thanks to my friends who were there to support me.

And to Dave: Thank You Sister for opening my eyes. You were absolutely right, there's someone out there, especially born for me! I might or might not meet him two to three weeks from now, but surely, my real prince would find me and embrace me as tightly as he could and would never let me go.


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