Saturday, March 08, 2008

Learning The Hard Way

Just a week ago, I was able to come up on two realizations:

1) There's no use in waiting for someone who could not love you back. Life's a matter of come and go, if someone walks out of your life, someone's going to arrive.

2) You don't need a guy to find your happiness; you don't need a guy to hear the word I love You. My friend said, you could find your happiness on your own, in your very self, learn to do that! And that's one thing I've learned in the story of Dina Bonnevie in her character in American Adobo, after all the trial and error in her love life, she realized that she didn't really need a man to make her happy, and that's what I could say about my heart now, it would not be easy for me to let him completely go out of my system but at least, I've accepted ALL. There were a lot of things preoccupying me at this moment and I could say that it would be such a waste if I keep on thinking about him; like what I've told my friends: hindi naman niya ako pinoproblema, bakit ko siya poproblemahin? Sounds bitter, but, that's my mantra!!! Why would when he wouldn't?

I might now know why I have to be hurt repeatedly before I learn, and I would not care to know why, what matters now was the idea that it was not too late to learn many things in life that could make your living worthy and sensible.


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