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Sometimes, we have to.,

Singles' Day (Feb. 14, 2007)
A Christmas (break) Get Together - ATC, Dec. 29, 2007

Since most of my High School friends are single, we spent last year's Vday together (Jana, Tin, Bryan and I), and we called it Singles' Day: we watched a movie, ate together, stroll around the mall and had some reminiscing-plus-camwhoring-moments.

But this year, I wasn't sure if I could make it to our get together (for our Singles' Day, if it would pursue). I wanted to see them (really!) but my (school) requirements won't let me so. I have a lot to do: thesis, watch an Indie Film, read a lot, papers, midterm exam, etc. etc. I already explained to Jana (that something happened to my thesis that would require me a big time to keep myself on track or else, everything that I sacrificed for my academics would all be gone). I didn't really feel bad, but it (of course) made me sad because I really miss my friends but again, I have to sacrifice to make other things pursue. I have long wanted for that thing to happen and now that there's a big possibility, I would always hold on no matter what, even if I have to be wide awake the whole time, or wouldn't sleep, that would be fine with me.

One thing I realized this month: Sometimes, we have to set some things out for a while, so that another thing would pursue or would be done. Like this month, I experienced the DOWNS of my life as a student, I guess, this was the biggest challenge I ever had in my entire college life: 'that' thing you've worked had for went to and end; but endings were just new beginnings. Although I went back to scratch; my hopes were alive and I would not give up. I promised myself that I would finish what I've started.


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