Monday, February 25, 2008

My Newest Buddy

Last week, I saw Poddie on Mares' Multiply; Poddie (read as powdie) was a doll, a manikako (my doll), a project of ARTHOC. Mares asked me if I wanted one, and I said yes but I doubt if I could go to Podium and buy one; she volunteered (to buy one) since she'd go back to Podium. A Manikako (doll), when bought by students would only costs 150 pesos, and since I liked the idea of putting my creativity to the naked doll (naked when bought), I agreed to have one.

I named the doll Brealla; when I searched the meaning/etymology of it, I found out that it was an Australian name but the meaning was not indicated though :|
I had fun designing the naked doll, and the way Brealla was designed mirrored my personality, if Brealla looked kikay, that could explain the real me. My friends said: mana sa'yo, and yes, they were absolutely right; kikay talaga kasi ako, kaya kung tingin nila malandi yang si Brealla, well, malandi kasi ako, malandi in a way na mahilig sa mga accessories and girlie clothes.

I felt elated when my friends commented that Brealla was cute. :) Thank You guys, thank you for that appreciation! Mwah. I found another friend in Brealla, although she couldn't talk, at least I could talk and say whatever I want. 'Wag niyo namang isiping baliw ako! hahahaha. sometimes we really need to say what we have to and what we should say, mahirap may itinatago :P at least with Brealla, I had another diary, If I wasn't blogging. Just like Andy in Coffee Prince, she used to talk with her little robot ( I guess that was a robot, because it looked like one).

To know more about Manikako (my doll),
visit Manikako at:


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