Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking Forward

my Lasaret picture, taken, September 2007

I just finished my GAYLIT homework, then I remembered, I had (still) so much to do for school - read and read and read to the nth time, plan the things that my group and I would include for our report in FILGENS, and many more. I forgot that I need to go to school earlier than the usual THs because I wasn't able to secure a copy of our readings in FILGENS (for tomorrow). At this very moment, I realized how much laziness I had inside my body. This was a sign of irresponsibility and I hate it; but time already passed and I could not do anything about it but log out, and eat dinner after posting this entry. If I really wanted to be a hmmmm, then, I should be taking note of every minute of the day.

From now on I'd be more serious. I'd be a diligent student. Panahon na para magbago, bawal ang patumpik-tumpik ngayong term. If I really consider the value of time, then, I have to be a better student.,more so, a better person.


OCTOBER 2008 - the longing continues (at this very moment); but for the mean time, I'd finish my part so that "longing" would end; and something could be achieved.

GMA - Not the President, but the NETWORK. I was really aiming to be part of that Network. I was a KAPUSO and would forever be one. I hope, pretty soon, I'd be working for that station.


To stay or not to STAY? - I still couldn't answer, it would depend on my fate (on my chosen career); If I'd be lucky, then I'd stay and just save money so I could travel to many places or even visit my relatives in Canada (where I wanted to go after graduation but it would not be easy because the fare was high; plus, getting a tourist visa would take long); If not, I'd persuade my papa to apply for Canadian Immigration (since my mama already made up her mind of living there; and I told her too that it would be better if my brothers would just pursue their studies there because education here was getting higher each year; it would be more practical to study there since life was not as hard as living here, in this country..CORRUPT COUNTRY. )

If I to stay + some politics:

I hope, I'd be able to be an eye opener for the people. That was one of the things I really wanted to achieve - people learning from me, and from my experiences, that was something I would want to achieve, as a person, and as an aspiring Broadcast Journalist. We need people who could bare the truth. We need people who could inspire others to be a better citizen and or (to say) a true citizen of this country. If we would just be blinded by money that this MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT could offer, where could we locate ourselves,.our nation, 365 to 730 days from now?

think twice. we better change while it was not yet late.


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