Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gift 2

GIFT 2, was one of the saddest poems I've read in LADLAD (so far). Love didn't really mean a gift in the said poem but a destruction.
Like what Dr. Baytan said, when your love was unrequited, you tend to feel like destroying the person who didn't love you back. And I guess that was true especially with those who wished for vengeance, well, in simple terms, this would meant, bitterness.

This morning, I heard a poll question in my favorite radio station 96.3 (I love the Paul and Cherry segment!!!): do you mean what you said when you're hurt, something like that, I couldn't remember the question fully, but in Filipino this was how the question went: kapag nagsasalita ka ng masakit sa taong mahal mo, seryoso ka ba sa mga salitang binitiwan mo?

I used to be bitter, but along the way (on the process of moving on), I realized how bad it was to be bitter to someone who didn't love you back. I mean, it was never 'that' person's fault not to love you; he/she never said to love him/her; remember that when you love a person, it was only your choice so whatever the consequences might be, just stand strong, if everything went according to your desire then, CONGRATULATIONS! BE HAPPY, BE CONTENTED AND HANDLE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WELL, but if it went the other way, do not be too bitter, or else, you would just be hurting yourself over and over again and not the person you intended to.


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