Monday, January 07, 2008

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What's in the picture?

Here is the analysis:

  1. The most important thing in your life is a friendly mind.
  2. The type of friends that you want is those who let you do what you like and forgive you when you have done something wrong.

The Egg

The egg indicates your attitudes towards your relationships with others.

You care so much about keeping your relationships

A New Plant

This test indicates your attitudes towards your parents.

You feel grateful to your parents for bringing you up and making you a nice person.

The five-question personality test

Here is the analysis:

  1. Your ideal mate is gentle and sweet.
  2. You always compare yourself with others. You make your wishes too difficult to come true.
  3. No effort, no success. That's your attitudes towards success.
  4. You are a person of principle. You respect social rules and regulations.
  5. You are emotional, sincere and optimistic.

Who's Your Type?

Here is the analysis:

You like the one who is friendly and sociable.

How attractive are you?


You are extremely attractive to the opposite sex. You are not only good looking but your personality is also charming in many ways.

You know how to get along with people and can allocate your time well. You are always popular among the opposite sex.

How do you choose your soulmate?

The decisions you have made indicates your criteria in choosing your soulmate.
More important matters come first on the list below:
  1. Love
  2. Appearance
  3. Education
  4. Money

The Smiling Elephant

Here is the analysis:

You are happiest when you're on a trip.

Even zookeepers would have trouble figuring out why an elephant was smiling! In other words, the answer you chose is a true reflection of what would make you happy at this moment. Imagine what would put a smile on your face--and make it a reality.


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