Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crushing Mode

I was browsing the GMA thread of / about Bryan Termulo (PPS 3 first runner-up) . I couldn't help but agree with what his fans were saying about him. I guess, he was really nice (in person), and even I, if given the chance to see him would say 'WHY NOT? I WOULD LOVE TO!'

I (first) noticed him when he joined PPS 3, he was yet to be one of the final contenders. From that very moment I saw him "Guwapo naman nito!" Then, I forgot about him. Last month, Dave made me remember him, he said he likes Bryan Termulo's looks, and I agreed (I see him on tv but the thought of having him as my crush was quite forgotten ;p).

I hope, I'd be seeing Bryan soon!! Pretty soon! I hope I'd be given a chance to work for GMA. hahahaha. Well, in the first place, working for GMA was really my goal, and being one of their journalists was MY GREATEST DREAM.

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