Thursday, December 20, 2007

Long Way

I really believe in Ora et Labora - that was one thing I learned from my previous school, St. Scholastica's College Manila. Hardwork or Labor accompanied by prayer was definitely a must for every person who was working his or her way toward a certain goal. I remember a friend saying, focus and pray, and I've proven that.
The Long Way
In my six terms in La Salle, I could say that was a long way. I've gone so many ups and downs. I've labored so much to earn high grades. I could still remember my first day in La Salle, I didn't have anyone to spend my long break with, well, except for Lee, who was able to meet me up for a while. I could't forget that day, I sat on one corner of Yuchengco building, reading through my short notes in CRITHIN, trying to answer the first assignment given to us, texting my friends, trying to act like I was busy. That was a very challenging moment for me because I got used to being with my friends every breaktime. Thank God, I found Mylo in one of my classes. She was a friend of Jona, my Kulasa friend. The next school day, I found Mar, then Nadz, Mae,Cha,Tel, then, more new friends came along.
My first term wasn't easy. I adjusted so much. The subjects I thought I could perform well made me just an average student. Maybe the motivation I had that time was not as big as the one I had when I was still in St. Scho. Yes, I had a goal but, during that time, "this goal of mine was yet to be thought". My scores were just average. I wasn't able to make it to the Dean's List. But one day, I woke up saying, I should not be just like this, earning an average grade, contented with passing and all. I should have a goal. I said I wanted to graduate with good grades, really good grades. If I really wanted to pursue my dream as a broadcast journalist, then, it should start in La Salle, I should be a good student. And so, I struggled. I always sacrifice the thought of having a good sleep because I wanted to finish every requirement, read my notes and all, and I would continue that until my last term in La Salle.
This term wasn't easy. I had my Thesis1. I had MORE challenging MAJORS(my subjects this recently concluded term were all majors)!!! I was so so so much happy that I still made it to the Dean's List though, my term GPA was not as high as the previous term (s).
The grades I had this term:
Term GPA: 3.3++
The grades I had would make me happy this Christmas. At least, all the efforts I exerted for that recently concluded term were worth it.
**to say, I had a nice term despite all the hardships I had to face. I had a nice time bonding with the second years (ID 106), and I wouldn't deny that it excites me to know that I'd be spending another term with them (next term, :) ). I promise to spend the term to the fullest while doing my thesis. I swear, I would enjoy the term with them and with the rest of my friends who were graduating.


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