Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Back, After A Month

Well, parang feeling ko balikbayan ako. hahahahaha. Kasi ngayon ko lang ulit nabuksan ang blogger!! Marami kasing ginawa ngayong term, and hindi na ako masyadong nakakapagbukas nito, I post more entries in my multiply kasi that's what I open most of the time to read comments and personal messages. Hehehehe :))

Maraming nagbago. As In!
Kung dati, may isang special na guy na topic ko dito sa mga entries ko, ngayon, wala na siya. After so many months of insanity, I'm back to the real world. He's not for me and He will never be for me, in short, we're not meant to be. Hahahaha :))
Wala na, bakit ko ba ipipilit ang sarili ko. I have my own life! And I need to work pa for so many things!

Sabi nga nila, God doesn't close the door without opening the window, so, why settle for someone you couldn't have naman when you could just do things na mas importante. I know my priorities, and He's not my priority kung wala naman talaga kaming patutunguhan. Sa ngayon, struggle na lang muna sa studies. And enjoy the rest of my stay in La Salle with my friends and newly found friends :))


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