Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 (Part II)

"Fight the stress, overcome all the Hurdles, make everything possible"
= I've experienced the ups and downs of being a student. Well, all I can say is, just keep your hope(s) alive! Make everything to make that goal(s) pursue. After all, you will harvest what you planted :)

"Give up your fight, but not the love"
= I've said enough about him. All I can say is, I don't contain the bitterness anymore. Past is past. I know he's happy and so am I for him. If someone will ask me if I still love him, I will say, "YES" because it's not easy to forget, but I don't think there's still hope for the two of us. Love is just here to stay, because I've once read that if you want to give up, just give up the person, let love stay in your heart, and give that to someone else,- > the right one. :)

"Ora et Labora"
= Prayer and hardwork! :) Just do your part and think positive, have faith! Do Your best and God will do the rest :D


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