Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 (Part I)

Three more days to go and we have to say bye to 2007. This Year of the Pig taught me a lot, and I would be so proud to say, that I've gained so much and made me a better person.



I've experienced failing a quiz that I've worked on so much (this happened during one of my first ever majors).

I've been so responsible, yet at one point, my "responsibility" alone couldn't give a high grade to a group. Being in a group meant working hand in hand, not one working for everyone. I might be so kind and so generous, but, in cases like this, don't ever rely on one person whom you thought could give the WHOLE group a high grade, if you want to earn notably high grades like 4.0 or 3.5, work for it, not rely on your leader! Help as long as you could. But sometimes, people should be smart enough to pick their groupmates too, those who could take charge on their part.

I've experienced studying and working so hard, but still, getting a grade lower than I aspired.

I've worked so hard for something; sacrificed a lot for that one thing; risked even my health, yet, I got just an average grade. What did hurt me more was the fact that I knew I could have gotten a high grade, if only I made the right decision from the start.

Love, Friendship

Just like my history, I fell in love-felt like there's no other guy other than him-broke my heart all because of my stupidity.

Fall for a friend then lost the friendship.

A friend pissing me off because of the words she said.

Felt irritable to some of my friends.

***I've managed to stay on the deans' list.
***I've been one of the awardees of the 19th Annual Academic Recognition for SY 2006-2007; First Honors, with a GPA (for one school year) of 3. 736! This was really a great achievement for me. This was one of my inspirations!
***All of my hardworks and sacrifices, paid off. Ora et Labora was true!
***My hope; my dream was still alive!!
***One of my professors said that I don't deserve a low grade. This was really heartwarming! It was really an achievement that a professor believes in you.
Love, Friendship
***God doesn't close a door without opening the window.
***Finding new friends (but keep the old)
***Through the help of my friends and "that" someone who made me realized that I was strong enough, I was able to move on, and continue moving on. And now, I guess, the word to describe my moving on process was - "halfway".
***I've managed to release the bitterness.
Yes, I've been a good student. I've been a good friend.
I've been a better person. 2007 made me better,
a lot better than what the previous years did.


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