Sunday, October 28, 2007

Never Give Up

School's definitely harder this time. I thought the previous term was hard, but this current term was really harder. I guess, my mom's right in saying this was just normal for those students who were about to graduate. Hopefully, this current term would be my third to the last term, time's gold for someone like me who values time so much. I knew every second of the day was important and would always be important for a student like me who go back and forth from Cavite to Manila five or even six times a week. Even if there were times I complain about my scenario, at the back of my mind there's this notion of "I did choose for this! and so I have to bear everything. " I tried forcing my mom to find a condo or a dorm for me,but there have never been successful attempts and I guess, God planned everything so it was just fine. Neither a condo unit nor a dormitory was right for me.

Okay so back to school.
I'm currently working for my Thesis1. I hope I won't be delayed, I really want to graduate on time. I want to get a job before Christmas 2008 comes hehehe. and in order to do that, I have to say that I'd never give up. I'm on my way to graduating so why would I cease helping myself, and working for my academics?! I really do not care about staying up late and sleepless nights, I know being a student means sacrificing a lot in order to succeed and I guess, the moment I set foot on the real world, I would be sacrificing more and more in order to survive the challenges.

I have to live by my motto again: Fight the stress, overcome the hurdles, make everything possible! Go for the medal :)


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