Friday, October 19, 2007


I felt bad yesterday. I didn't like what happened. Okay, it was my fault, I didn't read the article, I was not able to read it because I did a lot of things, kahit na sabihin na matagal na yun sa 'kin, I tried reading it actually, but I couldn't understand anything. Maybe because Philosophy was not my forte (if not for the kind heart of one of my FAVORITE PROFESSORS, Sir Unson, I wouldn't be getting a 4.0 for my INTPHIL AND PHILPER). I wasn't interested with Philosophy but as a CLA student, I have to take 4 Philosophy subjects plus my elective this term (I took Fiphilo not because I like it or HE was there. I actually didn't know HE was there, because He didn't tell me after all. ).

Okay so back to what I was saying. You could put the blame on me,. Hindi ko na rin kasi alam kung paano pagkakasyahin lahat sa oras ko. I have limited time because I commute everyday plus the Saturday commitments.

I don't have the right to complain with my current scenario, because this was my decision and I have to be responsible for it.

Despite the busy days, I still feel restless
Despite the sad moments I have in school, I still feel happy
Despite the most stupid answers in quizzes and class discussions, I still end up saying: "It was just fine"
But,,,yesterday was totally different. I felt I WAS A NO GOOD PHM STUDENT, that I was irresponsible and all. I knew that was JUST the first time, and honestly, that was the first time I ever stood in front without any knowledge of what I need to say. I was with Dave because we were partners, but, we couldn't help each other because we both didn't understand the article.

Tell me I was just over-reacting.

Tell me to relax

Tell me I could still make it through


I felt sad about what I've done. If only I finished the RRL earlier than Thursday, I would have time reading the article.

There's one thing more, but I decide to keep it quite confidential. Quite because, few people knew about it already.

I hope this was just another night in my sunny day. I hope tomorrow WOULD BE another story.


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