Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Power of Prayer

Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Mark 11:24

Whenever I'm down, there's only one thing I know aside from calling slash texting my friends - Pray.
Whenever I feel like losing strength ad confidence, there's only one thing I know aside from IM-ing Vinch and Jana or texting Jaymee - Pray
Before every exam, there's only one thing I know aside from studying and preparing for it - Pray
My day's not complete without going to our university's chapel and say what I want to say. I feel guided whenever I pass by PGP (Pearl of the Great Price) Chapel before going to my classes. I'm used to doing that eversince first year, actually, even before I transferred to La Salle. Prayer is part of my morning routine and I will always be proud to recommend that to anyone. I know I'm not a goody-good-girl to say things like this one, but I know the importance of prayer, that's why I tell my friends to pray whenever they feel like losing themselves.
During our highschool days, my bestfriend, Tin ( I miss you bezzy. I super miss you. I love you!!!) advised me to pray everytime I have problems. And can I just say, that praying, is really, really working.
Prayer is definitely different from magic; magic is performed by magicians and some experts, while the answer(s) to our prayer(s) is or are coming from a Divine Being - God.
Prayer works, God never fails us. He may not answer our prayers the moment after we pray, because He has His own Timetable. According to the book given by my friend Jenn; God answers us in four ways:
[source: Just for Today (Guidelines for Living) by Harold J. Sala]
1. Some answers are direct. We ask and immediately receive what we've asked for.
2. Some answers are delayed. God answers us on His timetable, not ours.
3. Some answers are disguised. We ask for something and later we recognize that god answered differently from our request - but His answer was much better.
4. Some answers are denied. God loves you too much to give you everything you ask for. Father does know best, and you can trust God for the best in your life.
So there, I hope, I have given enough good words. :)
Prayer works, just believe in HIM.


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