Sunday, September 02, 2007

Crushing ON..:D

I saw Reese's stat message last night pointing toward Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. (Vicky Belo's boyfriend of 2 years and one of the contestants in Celebrity Duets). The content of it prompted me to IM her, and that was the start of our making-gaga-over-Dr. Hayden Kho Jr.

He was one royal hotness, believe me. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd be hearing my other friends saying: "Ang gwapo niya! ", because, YES, He Was, He Really WAS!!! Even my mom was agreeing. The first time I saw Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. on TV, gosh, I exclaimed "Ang gwapo naman niya!". I really like the physical features of Hayden Kho Jr, the mestizo look, the height, *sigh*.

I also like Elmer Espiritu of the UE WARRIORS. The first time I noticed him was during their first game against us (DLSU GREEN ARCHERS), kahit kami yung kalaban, hindi ko talaga maiwasang mapansin siya, hahaha. Mestizo kasi e at of course, matangkad! hahaha. Jana told me he was always at the parking lot (it was during those days when Jana's classes were in UE- Recto), I threw Jana a joke which I commented on FRIENDSTER, I told her to text me if she'd be in Recto again, then we'd go to the parking lot to see Elmer. Hahaha.

I have to end an entry again, because I have no more things to say. Byeness everyone. :)


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