Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There's More To Life Than Him

It's been 8 months full of mixed emotions since I felt something special for him. I had been so true and so good, but all I got were tears and pain that we could sum up into one word - HURT. I considered him as one of those special friends in my life, but I was never sure he considered me as one of his friends because if he did, he won't do this to me.

I must admit, he made me happy, he made me feel special, but as what the fact tells us, all good things come to an end, and I guess, this would be the end of everything about him. I have cried so many times to release the hurt, but every attempt turns out to be just another attempt to forget. I loved him, I wasn't sure if he did know, maybe, he knew I like him, but not love him, oh, well, I don't think that would still matter because I could feel that there's this new girl whom he likes now, and yes, to be honest, I felt so bitter and feeling so bitter. My friends kept on telling me : Huwag na yun, ang daming iba diyan, tska may crush ka namang iba.
OO, meron akong ibang crush, pero ayokong sumunod siya sa mga yapak ng lalaking yun! I don't want *** to be another ****. The former was too special to be in line with jerks like ****. Sorry for the words and sorry for the person involved but I think this would be better than receiving the hardest slap on your face. I don't want to hurt him physically because I don't want to be the talk of the town for slapping his face or for hitting his nback with my heavy bag. Words would be good in expressing everything I have inside now. Ayokong sumbatan siya, dahil iyon ang hindi ko kayang gawin kahit na nasasaktan ako. Masakit isipin na mukhang nagiging masaya na siya sa piling ng iba, pero sabi nga ng friend ko, mas mabuti na raw na hindi ako mapunta sa kanya dahil hindi siya deserving. Maybe, I was too good to be his girl. My friends dislike him because of how he treats me, and I couldn't blame them because they were right, so so right. Sana dati pa lang, nakinig na ako kay Bryan (Chan) na huwag ko ng kausapin pa yun! Kasi naman, ang kulit ko! Sana nakinig na rin ako kay Bryan (Bernales) na huwag na lang sa kanya dahil flirt siya! Sana nakinig na lang ako kay Vinci na siya nga si Beer Belly! Ngayon, makikinig na ako sa kanila.

My friends love me, and I love them too and I'd always love them; but him he was another history, he was just another past! There's more to life than him. He didn't deserve me as what my friends say, and I guess, fate's telling me now to go on and live a life without him.


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