Saturday, June 02, 2007

First June Post

So, this is my first entry for this month - June. Today's June 2 and, clearly, another month is starting again. A few weeks ago, school, for us, La Sallians started. And I'm already having eyebags again. My schedule is so draining. Imagine, every MWFs, I go home late at night because of my FILATMA. I want to like it but, somehow, it makes me lousy and lazy while in class, or like I'm forced to listen in order to get a recitation grade. Hindi naman sa nagmamagaling pero sometimes, paulit-ulit yung points and yung iba para lang makakuha ng recitation point kung anu-ano lang ang sinasabi, I mean, why not open a new point so that others can answer too? I hope we will already start making or start writing teleplays so that there will be greater challenge for us, so that others will enjoy more the night class, hehe :D

Seriously, the class will be happier if we will start doing some small acts and stuff. I like acting, and I think that's one thing my college friends hardly know, because they haven't seen me act, they laugh at me everytime I mimic someone or kapag may nilalait ako tapos umaacting ako, something like that, but acting for a class, I've done it before in my INTROSO class, but not in front of my PHM blockmates and to my other college friends. Before, my prof asked me if I am a Harlequin member, I said, I'm not. First, I'm not prepared to audition, Second, my schedule will not surely fit the time frame once I get in there. It's hard to manage your time especially if you're commuting everyday. Okay, so back with my FILATMA thing, there, like I said,I want to act, for fun, for enjoyment.

I had my first quiz in RELSTRI last Friday, I'm surprised when our prof asked us to prepare for a 1/2 sheet of paper, and kami naman nina Maine, parang, ano? bakit? may quiz? biglaan tuloy ang pag-aaral, pero buti hindi objective, essay yung quiz, sana perfect ko, ahaha, ambisyosa ko talaga.


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