Monday, May 21, 2007

Super Trip

Mom woke me up at around 4 am. I was still sleepy though I had to drink coffee and take a bath then prepare for the day's adventure.

Kuya Grant, ate Ching with their daughter Rona together with Ate Baby arrived at our house before 5 I think and they waited for us, because the first usapan was we'd leave our house before 5, hehe, to early :p Okay, so to make this shorter, we started travelling before 5:30 a.m., Ninang and the rest of the family would just follow us, in Antipolo, haha, yeah, dun na lang ang meeting place. No traffic, hehe, of course it was Sunday, so motorists would not expect for the traffic, plus the fact that we're really early on the road. Antipolo's far from Cavite but I didn't feel the distance, all throughout the trip going there - I was really enjoying, I made kwentos, I heard kwentos, I made chit-chats. The only thing that made me disappointed was Gilbert's loss against Pidi Barzaga, I would not elaborate here because I didn't want to put some politica; issues here, :d Okay, let's go back to the story, hehe, we arrived at Antipolo before the 7 am mass started, we weren't able to find seats because the church was crowded, I expected that because the month of May was really the month wherein a lot of people go there, it's like a tradition to some;before, my family and other relatives used to go there every year, but now we rarely do it. Mom, I and Ate Baby went inside because we didn't want to hear mass outside, it's like you were not attending mass when you're outside, while I was inside, I was thinking of someone, I really didn't know why he stays inside no matter what happened. Maybe, God only knows what the answer was, someday, I'd find the answer.
After mass we bought suman and kasoy, two of the many famous foods in Antipolo. We went straight to McDo Greenhills for our breakfast, after that, we went to Rockwell, we strolled for awhile, I bought 2 pairs of earrings, they were cheap and cute, so I bought them even if my money's ,.haha :D Ninang Grace bought me a necklace and a pair of vintage earrings, awww, so nice :) I was really shy but Ninang already told the saleslady that she'd pay for it.
While strolling around Rockwell, I saw Martin Jickain, Aiko Melendez's husband, and that's when I realized that Aiko was really inside Giordano, :D Anyway, I wasn't her fan, and I don't make gaga over actors and actresses even if they were in front of me, I was used to it, haha, like when Iya (villania) became my classmate, I didn't make pictures with her, but we wanted to, haha, it only happened that we forgot, hehe :P When Enchong became my classmate in Algebra, I didn't even notice him because he was seated at the back, haha, but seriously, he didn't become my crush ever since I didn't have time to stare at him because I was too busy with Algebra, haha. We saw Gilbert (Remulla) with his wife. We saw him twice and I saw that he was a family man, they didn't bring the yayas of their kids and it was a nice-sight to see. Gillbert's wife, Georgia (Roa) was pregnant and they already had two kids, both girls.
We ate at Dencio's, it was like a pig-out day, my gawd! I would never eat like that again, I didn't want to be fat!
After the Rockwell strolling around, we went to Tagaytay but not to stroll again, we visited the house of my ninang's client, they were on a construction business and they were the ones who built that house in Tagaytay Country Homes, mom knew who the owners of the newly-built house because they were from General Trias, my mom's hometown.
We ate at Jollibee Tagaytay for dinner, Rona had her picture taken with Jollibee. I even saw a , hmmm, ewan ko kung pano ko siya i dedescribe, super OA kaya niya, sarap sabunutan, akala mo naman kung sinong sosy e mukha kaya siyang social climber na OA na akala mo naman english speaking, haha, kausapin ko siya diyan ng English e, haha, yabang, ang kapal kaya ng make-up niya maitim kasi siya kaya halata, sorry, bad ako ngayon, tsaka kasi parang hey, where's the party coz you look like you're going somewhere else e, haha, gawd, she's so arte talaga, haha, sana kasi tingnan niya kung nasa lugar yung damit niya and if bagay sa kanya, haha, sorry pakialamera at laitera.
That's what I called super trip, from south to north to south. Haha :D


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