Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fast Approaching

Wheew! cliche, time really flies so fast!
School starts on Wednesday! So that means, I'm a junior stud already! This is the start of a more serious school year, serious than ever. I'll be having my thesis 3rd term this schoolyear and up to now, I still do not know who will be my partner, anyway, that's a long way to go, what will matter for now is how will I ever survive first term with my bad schedule!

Change topic,.tomorrow, I'll be out in Cavite but I'll go back in the afternoon, hehe :D We'll be going to Antipolo! That excites me because it's been so long since we visit the famous Antipolo Church, unlike before when I'm still a little kid, we used to go there every year with my lola and other peeps, but now, we don't.

That's all I have for tonight folks!


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