Saturday, May 19, 2007

After A While

I haven't updated this blog much lately, and now, I have to, and continue to :D

My reason was that I'd been used to updating my multiply blog, and I'd posted so many entries there the past few days or even weeks.

Well, this week was good enough. I went to school for CLA LPEP and I had a great time bonding with my Co-PHMers, especially with the ID106 girls, hehe, because that was the only time I got to bond with them :)
Because of the LPEP, I could already feel my job as the secretary of the org, I wouldn't promise so much but I'd try to be as responsible as I could to stay in that position. This coming term wouldn't be so easy, I had heavy floating subjects and a strict prof, and my schedule was really bad, really really bad, and I got to say that was my worst sched ever in my entire stay in La Salle. But I guess, that was really part of being a college stud, I just hope I could still stay in the DL especially now, that., uhmm, okay, this school year would be my last full schoolyear, hopefully, because I only had a few terms left, hopefully again, hehe. Anyway, I'd try harder this term, I promise to maintain and stay the., okay, hehe., did I make you guys curious? Sorry, but I had to keep it private, I mean,not really private because my friends new what I was talking about.

Hey, I had to eat, I'd be back :D
just a few minutes


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