Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not All Stories Are the Same

It's only now that I realized this: I don't get tired even if I get hurt, and even if the hurt seems so going on and on again. Aj's right, it's like you try and try until you succeed, so in love, it's like you try and try, you take the risks until you found happiness and contentment.
I just read that stuff (my title) in one of the papers I think or letters I received from my friends, not all stories are the same, you may have been hurting now, tomorrow, next week, next month, you may feel like breaking up or giving up, but, next year's not the same, you may fall in love again, and you'll be happy. SO like what they used to say in Filipino, and like the song of Noel Cabangon:
pana-panahon ang pagkakataon..
lumilipas ang panahon, kabiyak ng ating gunita,.
In my case, I think I have to be proud of myself, even if I fall so fast, and even if I dislike that attitude, (pet peeve, hehe); I'm learning a lot though the pain's getting on, and there, and on, and there, =p. Haha.
Okay, so I'm serious, now, I don't really have to look for Mr. Real, Kate's right, he'll be there at the most unexpected time. And I think, I have to bear that in mind, I used to search, but now, I think, I don't have to do that again, let love find me.
And while love seems not arriving, I have to focus on my studies, especially, at this point. It's not because I'm getting low grades, that isn't the reason for now, It's just that, if I want something to continue, then do something for it right? Hundreds of reason to continue what I've started. ANd I also have thousands of reasons to forget about maybe him. This time, I have to do it,.for real.


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