Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I didn't Go and etc

Home alone again. I don't want to come with them and go swimming. I don't like going to beaches in Cavite. Beaches in Tanza aren't really cool. I mean, if I to go on swimming, I want to go to Batangas or Caylabne perhaps. But I doubt they'll go to Caylabne. The place is far and they went out late, like 2:30 or a few minutes before 3. I'd rather go to sleep, getting close with my bed than swim and get tan without enjoying. Besides, I have to go to school early tomorrow for the Pambansang Seminar. I'm supposed to be in Antipolo right now, but they didn't allow me.
So what else you need to know? I'm not in a good mood. Mom and I are having an argument this morning because of that FILATMA. It should be on an 8:10-9:10 schedule but I don't know what bad luck went up that it became a 4:40-5:50 schedule! poor me, I have to go home late and wake up early the next day, my TH classes start at 8:00, and the traffic is so damn bad. I don't have half days anymore and that's a big big hassle, and my subjects aren't good also, so what they have to expect? don't expect me to sleep before going to school, so don't ever scold me for that and tell me I should not take a bath. Grrr. I'm bad trip. A lot. I'm hating my schedule. But I'm not hopeless, my blockmates and I will talk to Ms. Jacob respectfully and make a plea to change our sched.


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