Friday, April 13, 2007

Have I been that Good?

funny and overwhelming.,I got a 4.0 in my FWDANCE, haha, and gosh! I also received a certificate from my prof, Ms. Calabio, haha. Thank goodness I chose her, haha,
throughout the course, I somehow learned how to dance, I mean a 'real' dance, haha. I thought I can't but I'm glad I did. haha. whoa! funny! hahaha
and it makes me wonder: Have I been that good.? haha.
anyway, I'm really thankful for all the 4.0's in my practical, to those guys who've been my partners, thank you! haha. (Andre, Tom and Jusi andEarl).

my certificate =D certificate with my course card
and of course to Ms. Calabio, hehe. for the dance steps, haha
I'm still in the highest cloud, haha, corny!
change topic:
hmm, I don't know how to start, hmmm.
done, and, ahh, can't elaborate, so might as well not include the thing about our org defense, haha
anyway, the result will be out next week
so guys, keep on hoping and praying


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