Friday, April 20, 2007

Course Card Distri: Term 3, SY 06-07

I had a nice day! Wheew! Although traffic met me up again while I was on my way to school, I felt great for everything! Who wouldnt? Friends waiting for you, a friend who remembered your birthday, friends who told you they love you and friends who told you, "you looked sexy!" haha, and so on. Aside from friends, the main reason why I felt great was the good grades I received from my professors. I really felt that my hardworks were already paid. After all the stresses, (eye_B, backpain, etc,) I had nothing to say but thank you to God and to everyone for such a nice school year. Wheew.! Whatta school year that was. The school year was sooo fast. I didn't feel it was ending now. I hope there would be more blessings to come this next school year, hopefully, a few more terms then, hello reality! (oh fate, please permit!)
Okay so, the happenings:
1. I arrived beyond 10 am and so I rushed to Brother Andrew Building's 10th floor to get my ENGLTRI course card, only to found out that our prof left already, so I texted Bryan, and he said he saw my course card, according to him, I got 3.5 and so I asked him why Ms.Almaden's not at 1001, he said he got his course card at 1001, and so I remembered that professors leave unclaimed course cards at their pigeon hole so I just asked him about the English Department's floor at the same building he said he didn't know and felt sorry for not getting it for me. I told him it was just fine, and oh, btw, he greeted me. haha. (Thank You Bry!!!).

2. Went to Miguel321 to claim my LITERA2 coursecard. And, woot! I got a 4.0 :) I didn't expect it since I only got a 3.0 in my midterm. And so I thought that my honesty helped me attain a 4.0 because when Sir Solapco showed us our m.t grades, I got a 3.5 but I should only get a 3.0 and so I told him that 3.5 was too high, he even told me if it was just okay for me that my grades would decreased, and I said, yes, even if I really don't, haha. and I guess, the 4.0 I got from him was really the payment for my honesty, and I do hope Sir Solapco wouldn't forget my honesty.

3. Met up with Ericka to go back to Andrew Building for my ENGLTRI course card. Thank goodness I bumped with Cris and Niki, they knew where the English Dept was located. Thanks guys! Bryan's right, I got a 3.5! good! =)

4. Ericka and I went to Miguel Walk to see Zane. Zane got a 4.0 in her LITERA2 and like me, she wasn't expecting that. Wee! Zane! we made it!Cheers! Haha

5. The three of us went to COSCA because Zane and Ericka had an important matter to ask, and I also need to ask for my NSTP-C2 course card.

6.We ate at KFC! My treat!

7.Went to FILDEPT to watch our FILDIAS AVP. Did some camwhoring there,hehe

8. Ericka and I went to Animo Canteen to buy a box of pizza. (for their defense, hehe)

9.Ericka and Dawn were left at FILDEPT while Zane and I had to proceed to Y405 for our FILMCRI, but before we went there, we already knew our grades and although, the grades were lower than what we're expecting, we still accepted it. That's a lot better than having a 0.0!

10. Went at Y405, Miss Jovy was there already. I got 3.0

11.Had some chit chats with co-majors and also some picture takings. haha.

*MORE PICTURES ON MY MULTIPLY you can check them out :)

12. Sir Ynion was sooo sooo kind. He was very considerate. I got a 4.0! Wee

13. (left blank)

14. Ericka and I were not able to ride the LRT up to EDSA station because there was again, a problem. We rode a jeep instead. While we're on our way, Benjie texted me, he said he saw my name in one of the boards (of COSCA's), he said I got a 0.0 in our C2 and added that his name wasn't on the list. We're pissed but can't do anything. I was really upset and shocked because how come a person who rendered a more or less 30 hours of community service would get a 0.0, so I said we should check our La Salle account to make sure of our grades. But even if I said that to him a few times, I still got nervous because I wouldn't know where would I be if I'd fail that C2, and my GPA would be so worthless if that would happen. So while on my way back home, I was really thinking about that.

15.Went home. Went straight to my room and went online. I got a 4.0 in our C2! Wheew! and Benjie also gave me the authority to open his account, he also got a 4.0!

Wheew! That was great! I made it again to the dean's list! Thank You Lord, you've been kind to me all throughout the school year!

*NSTP-C2 4.0
expected TGPA: 3.7

to everyone: keep believing, keep working hard
don't ever forget to pray and thank the Lord for whatever
work you opt to do

"i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky"


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