Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All I Need

"All I Need is One Guy Who can Turn my Darkest Nights into DAYS"
-my stat message last night, this doesn't go out with anyone.

Jana and I seem to have the same sentiment - we're hoping that one day, our respective "Mr. Real "will go out from his castle, and will save us from the damsels-in-distress. we don't need Mr. Right, what we need is Mr. Real. Mr. Right is deceiving us all the time, so why still want him?
I don't know if it's too much to hope for someone who will turn my darkest nights into days.
Well, I just can't understand why I have to go through this, no guy's loving you neither wanting you. I don't have hard feelings, I said, I just can't understand why everytime I fall for someone, MR. Good suddenly becomes, MR. Heartbreaker. Ohhh, goooshh! why I'm soo sooo sooo,,,,,arghhh!
I agree with Ja. Yeah, when you're single, you don't have any problems, you don't have to carry an extra baggage. You only need to look after things that concern you most and the people you love most, but when you're in a relationship, you will meet problems that will test your trust to each other, sometimes, your relationship will be shaking, and all, but when you're single, whatever you want to say, there's always something your looking for, it's like,.yeah INCOMPLETE. That's just my opinion.
Ohh well, this is not the life I want since my younger days. If I can just go back from childhood, I'll be continuously praying for something like, "sana hindi na lang ako mainlove ng maaga. or sana hindi na lang ako mainlove kung masasaktan lang ako", yes, you can tell me sooo sooo many times that part of being in love is being hurt, okay, i'm in your shoes, but with mine? how can you tell me that? EVERYTIME I FALL FOR SOMEONE SEEMS TO BE A ROCKY ROAD WITH TEARS AND PAIN.
There's always a cycle:
liking-loving-hurting, and the rest is history. Crying, crying, sadness, etc. etc. when will i ever learn my lesson?
I want to be tired. I want to surrender. When will I ever learn? Tomorrow?Next week?NExt month? Wheeew! When?
This post is not all about hatred, this is an entry full of questions.


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