Thursday, March 22, 2007

Long Time No Post

Yey! At long last! I've posted again!
Again, lots of things happened

3.SC election (more on Santugon, hehe)
4.papers for Fildias?
5.cut my FILDUBS, hehe
6. my laptop in school
7.jollibee after NSTP-C2
8.Mango de Crema! *drool* haha
9.Latest and revised character profile for my FILMCRI
10.uploaded photos
11.sent photos through infra
12.a new crush?
13.bangag days!!!
14.searching for dorms
15.received an invite from Ian
16.happy and kilig days, hehe
17.piggy days (rawr! ate a lot!)
18.applied for officership
19.tulog days pero may e.b. pa rin
20.mall,mall,mall kuno
21.kitikitext during class
22.walang maipong pera for 2 weeks na
23.met the SET-A officers of Danum
24.enrolled myself a not-so-good sched
26.talked to him after a month
27.thought about if my feelings for him went back?hmm?.,
28.crazy days, harhar
29.4.0 in practical dance (Tango!) ops,haha


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